photo shoot.

[thanks ang...i love. love. love. them. i can't decide there are soooo many good ones.]


Love love the pictures of your girls. They look like little models in the cute outfits you have them in!
And by the way, I always, always leave your house thinking how clean and cutely decorated it is! And I think it is awesome that you are more focused on your children and the things that God puts on your heart than having an immaculate home. Hmmm...I being reminded of the sign hanging in your mom's bathroom. Dull women have immaculate homes!
Have a great one!
Ang Stoltzfus said…
Your kiddos are SOOOO cute!
Addalie is a little bothered cause Kaden isn't in any of these's driving her crazy. =)
Missy. said…
sorry addalie...wait til july, and we'll get your mommy back here for kaden's pictures. :) and heather...what a trip...i was thinking their outfits were so jacked up because it was so cold, i picked up a couple hats, put on their coats and headed thanks. i will take the complement. they were supposed to be in sundresses. only. :)

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