riding on coat tails.

those of you who know my family, might know that i usually am riding on the coat-tails of my siblings or parents...here in Lancaster/Chester county for sure. With both of my parents growing up in the area, and my dad working in the church arena, people usually "know" them...people usually "know" my brothers and sister...but NOT me. hmmm. i just try to assume it's because i am quiet and keep to myself. ha. ha. :) here's the latest "episode" of me trying to "catch" some of my brothers "fame"... (oh yes, and pause my music if you want to watch this little video). :)

obviously you saw my brother matt in this clip. and my nephew ezra, if you noticed him whizzing by in one of the hallway shots. my 2 oldest nephews get to go to school here. wow, right? (i did get to visit the school last summer, but nicholas wasn't there for me to rub shoulders with...)  :(

i did get a "signed" copy of nicholas sparks' "the wedding" for christmas. now...if i could just meet them...or go over to their house for dinner or something? maybe you could work on that matt and naomi. :)

matt and i are going on a motorcycle trip out west in a few weeks. kidless. can you believe it. celebrating 10 yrs. of marriage. fabulous. but...i have never been to california, and always wanted to get there...i hope to go to hollywood and sit beside someone famous eating lunch...you know...all those girls hiding behind those big fat sunglasses. i think it would be a scream. we are going to do a lot of visiting friends and family too, but there's something about famous people that intrigues me. hmmmm. sure it goes back to "family systems", right Bill?


Kendra said…
how cool! what a cool school to go to/work at!
emmyswts said…
I can't wait to hear about your motorcycle trip!! I enjoyed my time in Hollywood but if you have time you should ride along the California coast. Beautiful landscape.

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