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Monday, August 13, 2012

pinterest tries.

so i put off joining pinterest for good reason.
it is a total time sucker.
a good one. :)
but a time sucker. none the less.

here are a few things i have tried this summer, when i should have been playing with my kids, or
cleaning my bathrooms. :)

Homemade French Vanilla Coffee Creamer.  Yes!  Healthier - sans all the chemicals in most of the store bought stuff. . .and much cheaper too!

1.homemade french vanilla coffee creamer.
(it's good, not the same, BUT much cheaper and not all the crap in it to make it last long, i am sure).

Baked Zucchini Sticks | Skinnytaste

2. baked zucchini sticks with marinara sauce.
( i family did not. :(  )

Make dessert stands using dollar store tart pans and candle sticks - spray paint & voila!

3. do-it-yourself cakestands.
(loved the one i did, can't wait to do another. i got the base at target for $2.50, and my
tart pan at re-uzit for $1.00).

knotted jersey headband tutorial

4. knotted jersey headband.
(very easy and very cute.)

love the fabric garland...perfect colors

5. fabric garland.
(did at karolina's first birthday party. very cute. very easy).

Braided T-Shirt Bracelets

6. braided t-shirt bracelets.
(very fun, cheap to make, and adorable). my sister and mom stole mine!!  :)

they look like wonderful plates...

7. adorable hoop wall art.
(so easy peesy, and adorable. hoops at reuzit for $0.25 to $1.00 and
cute scrap fabric. yippeee.)

jello cookies - these look delish!!

8. jello cookies.
(super cute. the kids helped to make. very easy. kids thought they were o.K. adults thought
they were sub-par. :)  )

White Chocolate filled Snickerdoodles

9. white chocolate filled snickerdoodles.
(these were delicious!!)

Great idea! Pour water on top of lemons and freeze - perfect way to refresh pitchers of water - and looks pretty too!

9. lemon ice in muffin tin.
(love this, and have a supply for my new drinking water habit...ha.ha.)

s'mores bar.

10. smores station.
(did this several times at the pond. big hit. very easy and actually less mess.)

Letters-ice cream cones

11. matching letter ice cream cones.
(this is FABULOUS. campbell loves it, and calli wants to play. :)  )

these are sight word pointers and are great for finding sight words in books. The children choose a pointer and look for that word as they read. I printed the words on colored cardstock stars and taped them to straws. They've lasted a couple of years!

12. sight words.
(this is awesome too. campbell will pick a word, and then read that word in an easy read story...
wish i would have done some of this creative stuff with kaden, who really struggled with reading...)

Funner Summer

13. things to do for a funner summer list.
(so mine doesn't look quite so cute, but sure does help you be intentional over the summer.)

Another pinner said- I just tried this - I will NEVER buy Comet, Soft Scrub, etc again. Used in the tub - sprayed on, left for about 1/2 hr - wiped down like nothing there. it is sparkling!

14. shower cleaner.
(so this was the cheapest grand shower cleaner i have used...not the BEST, but the cheapest. :)
was amazing for soap scum...but for the rest of the shower, on dirt and was just fine. :)  )

Hanging balloons and garland- put a penny inside before you blow it up so it hangs better!

15. put a penny in balloons before you blow them up, and they hang nicely. :)
(worked awesome-ly). :)

so...i think that's enough. my mom tells my hubs that this is my cheap therapy.
he doesn't really buy it, but oh well. :)
it's fun for me, and i think he makes out too.
i try to have a happy well managed home, most of the time...:)

if you want to try any of these, click on my red "p" button at the top of the blog,
and you will find all of these tutorials/ideas somewhere on one of "my boards"...

(and these are NOT my finished products...these are the products i "copied"...
didn't want you to be confused about that. :)

happy monday.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome!!! you have been quite busy!!! I wish I could say I have tried as many things I have pinned as you have!! I think I'm going to have to try the ice cream letters and maybe the sight words ones...or some variation on the theme. I pinned something like those zucchini sticks but haven't tried them yet looking forward to it though...and I totally love embroidery hoops as decoration...we did that in our bedroom last summer and it still makes me happy and smile everyday when I see it!!! Oh, and now I'm following you on Pinterest!! :)