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Thursday, August 30, 2012

my forever book.

i am so proud of this boy. i call my son. :)

most of you know our children attend the public school in our district.
it happens to be where my husband and i attended and graduated from.
i think? that makes it more special. :)

anyway, my prayer has always been that we don't just "go" there.
that we would be well known as a christian family there.
that we would make a mark and make a difference.

kaden had a reading assignment this week.
it was to chose a forever book.
not just any book, but a book that you will always remember.

kaden chose david and goliath.
he then told me they were told not to chose the Bible...
because not everyone believed it was true.

well. we could chose green eggs and ham because that was one of the first books he learned to read.
or we could press in a little bit, and stick with david and goliath.
when i asked kaden for 3 reasons why david and goliath was his forever book choice
he responded:
1. little people can do big things.
2. God is always with us.
3. God is powerful.

after some butterflies in my own belly
and consulting with a friend and matt of course,
we stuck with david and goliath.
i gave kaden ample opportunity to switch books,
several times in fact,
(quite honestly kind of hoping in my mind he would chose green eggs and ham...
i didn't know if i wanted to start out the year, on the 3rd day of school,
questioning the teacher's assignment...)
and as nervous as he was, he was determined to try...

to make a long story short, i e-mailed the teacher and wrote a note.
and the book was fine.
she did say not to bring the Bible because it was not a book
on their reading level, and said that another student was the one
who said not everyone believed that it was true...

i am proud of all of us, but mostly kaden.
had i not pressed the issue and listened to my nervous belly
we would have gone the safe route.
but instead, we pressed on, and in...
and kaden got to read david and goliath to 2 friends who never heard the story before.

i say all the time.
how did this happen?
i am a mother to 5 kids.
i feel way inadequate, and way too young.
(eeeekkkk. i am not young anymore)

but just as my 9 year old said:

God is powerful.
God is always with us.


Shelby said...

Amen sister, amen:) That made my heart smile this morning. Shelby~

Angie Myer said...

That is awesome!! You're an inspiration!