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Sunday, September 2, 2012

*38* and a wedding..

no better way to spend your 38th year of life celebration day 
then at a wedding watching love transpire...

that was our day ~yesterday~

obviously. this was a great picture of the man who was sitting behind us... :)
but i love it for other reasons too...
neal and kelly's expressions, and all the cars parked beyond in the field.

(chloe, ezra- my nephew, who kaden looks like, :)  cassidy and judah- my nephew.

kristy, our favorite babysitter, sister of the bride.

my sister- in- law, naomi, with son ezra...

everything was simple. and gorgeous.
 (morgan, kacie and ashley...3 beauties i happen to know.)

matt and i were youth group advisors for 4 years once upon a time ago...
it is so much fun to watch them grow up.
it really was a priviledge to be at this wedding.
and i loved every minute of it.

so they may have been making fun of me on the dance floor.
one arm draped around my man dancing. and snapping pictures with the other. :)
it's all good.

kelly. you were gorgeous. kyle you were sharp.
we love you both, and can't wait to watch you live out your lives together.


and now onto the other reason we celebrate september 1st...
my man turned *38*

i am finding i am focusing less on *38* and more on that's only 2 years away from 40.

we rode to the wedding on his motorcycle.
that's always fun.
especially in a dress on the way to a wedding. :)
wish we had a pic. :(

i love this man for a thousand reasons.
some of which are:
his work ethic, he loves things to be clean and in order, he is a go-getter,
his drive for life. he is a leader,
a people person- he can talk to anyone, about anything!,  he is wise,
his Bible knowledge astounds me,
he is a great dad, he is smart...

some. are the very reasons i can get irritated these days...

isn't that funny?
they told us that during pre-marriage counseling, and i didn't believe them then,
but i do now. :)

i am lucky to be partnering thru life with this man.
and priviledged to be called his wife.
he does know how to have fun.
that i will give him. :)

hope your day was happy...


heidiann(e) said...

Happy birthday to Matt from us!

Your family is such an inspiration & encouragement to us!

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

hey love the pics from the wedding. it looked like a gorgeous day! love all the details! so glad everyone was okay! craziness!
hope your week is going well!
love ya, heather