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Sunday, September 16, 2012

*praise you in this storm*

matt and i got to pick up our friends from the airport this afternoon.
what an ~honor~ to be able to help them.
at this time.

these are the friends some of you have been praying for.

our friend, glenda, who was in a simple. bicycle accident 8 weeks ago,
while vacationing with her family, in oregon,
died on friday.

tragedy has struck very close to home.
and it hurts.
it hurts to watch people you love hurt even more than you can
imagine, in your wildest dreams.

how do we help them?

i keep promising glenda that we will take care of bill and emily.
that we won't forget about them.
that we will be here every step of the way.
and i think she is smiling at me
when i tell her that.

it sounds so dumb.
but i have her pictured in my head.
smiling. her big beautiful smile
when i tell her i will be here for her husband,
and her only daughter.

i have such vivid happy pictures of glenda swimming around in my head.
and i am so thrilled to have those etched in my mind...

this week we will be here for them.
and that means kids bouncing from babysitter to babysitter.
schedules being switched around,
and meetings being ignored.
that is what's going to happen for this week
and maybe others, if that's what's needed.

i am making a memory board of our "small group" memories,
and my good friend nik,
who is on missions in the dominican right now,
sent me this...
i LOVE it.
so i am going to share it here.

(glenda, nik, bill)

our hearts are breaking.
we will praise God in this storm.
trusting that time will make it better.
xoxo. mis.


Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

You guys are great friends!! Praying for you and Glenda's fam & other friends.

Anonymous said...

praying, crying and loving with you are a treasure of a friend to them! love you