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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grandparents Day!

We had matt's parents over for lunch to celebrate Grandparent's Day...
and then suggested they take us out on their boat to celebrate some more...
what great kids we are. :)

 (karolina usually tolerates the boat for about 3 hours, and then she wants to wiggle and scream her way out of the life jacket. then she gives up. cries, and falls asleep. everytime. so far. :) )

We had an introductory lesson in crabbing...

(well, and then we had to pull out the fishing pole,
since we kept seeing fish jump out of the water. but that was un-successful.)

we might have cramped their style a bit...
a party of 7 is a lot to add to any boat,
especially when you are throwing crab traps and chicken bait in the mix...

thanks for the fun afternoon and evening.
for letting us cramp your style. :)
and for being such great grandparents to our 5 children.
you are loved and appreciated.

we stopped at this awesome burger and crab joint for dinner.
i had a mashed potato burger.
have you heard of them?
it totally rocked.
a huge, huge burger...(so big i did feel a bit sick afterwards)
with mashed potatoes, melted cheddar cheese and bacon on it.
who would have thought?
can you feel the calories and fat clinging to me??

and well, to the other set of grandparents...
they have 18 grandchildren they pour into,
and well, we were late in the inviting.
they were already feasting for lunch and had an evening planned
 with 5 of their other grandchildren already,
so we will celebrate with you another time. :)
you are also loved and appreciated!!

our family is very, very blessed with full sets of grandparents on both sides.
we are lucky and we know it. :)

pretty sure this was the last boat ride of the season...
so, good-bye until next year.
we do love being on the boat.

i had never had the priviledge of riding on a boat
until i met my man.
the first time i was like, hmmm, 13 or something...
and the stage was set. :)

and...we had a date night on saturday night.
it was supposed to be our monthly motorcycle ride,
but since we got caught in the rain last time, we decided not to bother this time around.
you can only handle so much motorcycle rain riding.

and we got a new television.
boy...was our old one REALLY old. :) hook it up...and screw things into place.


the stage is set for me to have a great week.
(with the exception of having a nasty cough and sore throat we are sharing.
kaycee is the only one with strep so far...we'll see if we can keep it that way. )

and well. my friend. i hope she gets to meet Jesus this week.

my friend was in a bicycle accident almost 2 months ago.
some of you have been praying for glenda, bill and emily...
thank you.

while we are sad here,
very, very sad.
and wonder how in the world do you help her family walk thru this...

we are believing she will be meeting our maker.
can you even imagine?

so. while i try not to be a little bit sad everyday.
it helps to think about her meeting Jesus.
wow. meeting Jesus.
enough said.

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