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Thursday, September 27, 2012

lazy days.

lazy days are not for the here and now.
i like to think they used to be.
i could sleep in. i would sleep in.
now...sleeping in is deemed 7:30 a.m.

i got married.
to a man. who rarely rests.
and then.
i had kids.
5 of them.

i it.
and sometimes when i can be lazy.
i chose not too.
i chose busy.
to blog. to clean. to sort thru summer clothes.
do you know how long it takes to put summer clothes away, and dig out winters for 5 kids.
i am on my 2nd day.
but looks like it's going to be 3.
eeekkkk. :)

little 14 month old karolina popped 2 more teeth on top.
and she has a cold.
sleeping stinks.
naps. nightime. all of it.
she's so snotty.
my girl took her first 3 steps today.
hate to rush it, but she is afterall 14 months old. following in big sister calli's footsteps, i suppose.

and campbelll meg is loving kindergarten.
she is pretty happy she gets to come home at 12:20 p.m. everyday.
some of her classmates wish they could sneek along with her. :)
we do lots of playing. some computer. some reading. some running around. but mostly playing.

me and my girl calli.
we made play dough last week.
from grape kool aid. it is the BEST.
and my hair is curly now.
that is the BEST too.

kaycee. well. she is adjusting to school.
she had a few visits to the school nurse this year.
i found it kind of funny.
she is horribly shy, but found enough courage to ask to go to the nurse.
for a sore throat first, then the next time, a headache, and the last time, a sore shoulder.
[first time was legit...strep. second time. hmm. third time. playing football with her brother who is a good 35 lbs heavier, might give ya a sore shoulder. :)]
i know my girl thrives on quality on one.
i guess she gets that from the nurse?
i am trying to be more intentional with my girl kaycee, and spending quality time with her.
it might be working. no more trips to the nurse. yee-haa. :)

and here's my lovee, kaden.
he continues to love to snuggle. i cannot find enough time to snuggle with him.
he will even snuggle up to matt. which is very funny, if you know my hubs. :)
he is liking 3rd grade for the most part.
i hope he learns to write more neatly. or would care about it anyway.
he loves when i come to get him at the bus stop.
he is social. touchy-feely. likes math. and hates to practice piano.

okay. off to take kaycee to the orthodontist.
happy rainy day.

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Shelby said...

It crossed my mind to switch out the clothes, but then it quickly went away. You go girl.... I love your hair like that, BEAUTIFUL on you. Sorry little Karolina is sick, but yay for teeth and taking some steps. I caught mine standing up in the high chair and on the table... yikes........ luv, shelby~