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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

meet * Simon *

he is the new *temporary* member of our farm family.
(we are just *pony sitting* for a little while).
the kids have been wanting a horse.
very badly.
especially campbell.
she will not give up.
and let me tell ya. she loves.loves.loves this pony.

well. actually. so does calli.
yesterday. it was a bit quiet for awhile.
all the sudden it occurred to me, that calli was probably riding simon up to the school by now.

it wasn't quite that bad.
but, calli was INSIDE the pen, with the gate WIDE open. :)
this really is a good pony.
obviously, we had to go over the rules. AGAIN.

(notice the football action in the background.
our home is seriously a hub of activity all around...
which is a lot of fun. we have friends popping in all the time.)


Beach Girl said...

Looks like we left a few days too soon:)

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! :) Will Simon be around at Christmas time for Allie to meet him? I'm sure she'd love him too! (No pressure or anything.) :)

And thank you for your note on our blog about remembering Acacia. I really appreciate your prayers and thoughts as we miss our little girl, and celebrate the life of Allie in the midst of loss.