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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


life has been a bit busy around here.
to say the least.

i had been gone most of the afternoon yesterday.
and was only home a short time,

my mom was here helping watch the kids in my absence...
calli was headed to the bathtub...
others were getting out of the shower,
and still others were coming home from the neighbors.

and matt came busting in the kitchen
and told me there was a major problem and i needed to go to the chicken house. :)

i looked at mom.
she looked at me.
i told her to put the kids to bed.
 lucky her. :)
or lucky me, depending on how you look at that.

our generator had turned on,
and we still had electricity in the house...
it was a bit strange.

when matt went to "check" on things, he found that there was not an ounce
of electricity down at the chicken houses.

this is what we found...
after he was thowing metal covers around,
checking to see what was "burning"...

it smelled like fire.
obviously there was some fire.
i cannot explain to you the panic that matt was showing me,
and the nervous paniced feeling i was quickly getting.

i got to run thru the chicken houses and open all kinds of doors...
with a flash light in pitch black.
matt was flying around calling a million people to see who could come help us.
he did get an electrician to come,
and after lots of bypassing, etc.
we were pieced back together by 11 pm...

to think if we would not have been home.
to think it the whole chicken house would have caught on fire.
i know it's only money. but. that's a lot of money. :)
i just kept thinking about losing thousands of chickens overnight...
like 25 or 50 or75 THOUSAND.

we are grateful. we are thankful.
and we will sleep better tonight. :)

thanks mom for all your help...
and doing the flowers for me.
we got so many compliments on them this afternoon...

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