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Monday, August 6, 2012

snapshots of *life*

so the olympics are really throwing me off.
i am staying up way too late and then i can't get myself out of bed in the morning.

the only bonus to that is that the kids are sleeping in as well.
friday morning the kids were still sleeping so i crept out of the house at 7 a.m.
and went to the store myself.
so much quicker that way. :)

brought some day old donuts back.
it is the end of summer you know.

campbell is kind of hilarious.
she wanted me to take a picture of her and her bear.
so i did.
she then requested i put it on her blog. it is. :)

kaycee is talking "funny" these days.
she has an expander in her mouth  now...
her upper jaw was measuring 27 inches, and it should be measuring 37-39 inches.
she is tiny. apparently so is her mouth. :)

this means i get to insert a wire into her expander each night, and crank...
and it expands up there.
(which doesn't feel so great i should add)
at the end of september they will take that out and then make a retainer...
which will hopefully "retain" her bigger/stretched out jaw.

that's all for now.
my day was blah.
i can't wait to have a better one tomorrow. :)

really trying to live out that theme verse at the top of my blog...
i am having a very hard time. very hard.
i am not feeling joyful right now in my hoping. that is for sure.
i am not joyful right now at all actually.
and patient in affliction. rrriigghhtttt.
faithful in prayer. yep. that is about the only thing i have going for me right now. :(
now to shift gears a bit...
i did find an aweome site today.
check it out here

it is a food/cooking blog, and she has weeks and weeks worth of menu ideas, and then.
a grocery list to go with them.
can you say awesome. and genius?

trying my first week this week. i certainly can't go wrong, can i?
i feel like i make the same stuff all the time, so this will mix stuff up a bit.

1 comment:

Ang Stoltzfus said...

yay for doughnuts!
& yay for that blog!! thanks for posting about it..i checked it out. pretty cool. :) can't wait to try some of the recipes.
& about that is a good reminder. this world is not easy...i am also really struggleing with a certain "situation" to see God's plan & provision.
HE IS FAITHFUL....even when our eyes & minds cant comprehend His hand. (i'm reminding myself)
lets set up a time for coffee sans kids! k?
Angelas Cafe or something.