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Friday, August 17, 2012


on wednesday the ladies in my extended family did something long awaited. but a first.
we packed up...with just 3 my yukon...and headed towards the main line.

(me, my mom, megan, piper, naomi, destiny, heather and that i think about it, i
guess i was the ~only~ one without child. no wonder i enjoyed myself so abundantly. :) )

our main objective was to visit:
a) terrain, and
b) anthropologie. :)

anything else was just a bonus.

it was so much fun.
my favorite store by far was terrain.

i came away very inspired.
i love that feeling.
who doesn't, i guess?
(please pause my playlist at the bottom of my watch this inspiringly. :)  )

such awesome-ness in ONE place. i ~LOVED~ it.

this is a burlap rug i had my sister- in -law heather photograph.
for me to copy of course. :)



you cannot look closely if you are a perfectionest.

i like it.
i like it a whole lot.

it will not last forever.
but the paint made the burlap feel pretty heavy.

and 3 hours later...
while my kids were napping, or being punished
for not living in harmony with one another... :)

it was done.
this was free hand because i don't have time for taping.
i don't tape when i paint inside, i don't tape when i paint anything actually.
it takes too long. :)
call me impatient??

so many other fun things to try...
can't wait. :)


Megan said...

So cool! Where did you find the burlap? I'm looking for 3 10 x 12 pieces for Christmas presents. I want to make some earring holders for 3 little girls :-)

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

love it! you paint like me! :) so impatient. i too was inspired! came home and redid nursery! thanks for the good time! ;)

Shelby said...

I LOVE it, love that you jump in and go for it. UMMMM harmony, having a hard time yesterday and today. Girls vacuuming the basement as I type;)