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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

a peak.

so. 2 babies with fevers. and sore throats. and sore ears.

but. this affords me some extra time to blog today.
fevers & movies. they go hand in hand. :)

a peak into our bedroom.

the stripping of the wallpaper and painting went very, very quickly.
i used behr paint/primer in one which i LOVEd.
gray color= porpoise, and yellow=chickadee. that just sounds happy, right?
hmmm. and i used some  porch/floor paint in some color of white for the floor. :)

it was the acquiring of my bedding
and the making of my curtains that took more like. forever. :)

 photo february2013069_zps32d4fbaf.jpg

 photo february2013068_zps9850b740.jpg
 photo february2013110_zps03d01ca3.jpg

 photo january2013035_zps67faef01.jpg

 photo february2013067_zps641223dd.jpg
 photo february2013065_zpsefc49cc9.jpg

 photo february2013064_zps0fac9dbb.jpg

i made the curtains out of simple white flat sheets from target.
my tutorial came from here.

may i remind you that i am a self taught sewer.
and though my husband was getting frustrated at how long it was taking me,
i must say, the making of the curtains went very quickly...and almost seamlessly.

(minus my sewing maching ruffler foot breaking. ugh.
that was like the greatest invention ever if you are making ruffles...i need to take it back and
see if i can get a new one...needless to say, i had to do them the more time consuming way...)

the problem is that domestic engineers are not afforded huge chunks of time to sit and sew.
 and measure.
and pin.
so. it seemed like my little sewing station was "messing up" the basement for some time.
which it was. but i was not about to clean it up. to get it right back out again.


plus i was helping the kids make their valentines.
matt was wondering why i don't just buy a pack at the store.
"because we just don't do it that way", was my reply.


i am now working on some pictures and canvases to put above our bed...
and catch up on the laundry and deskwork i have neglected the past few days.

 update: i have been swallowed by a germ fest.
my 2 eldest came home to join my youngest and middle...4 children sick.
eeeekkkkk. save me...


Jane said...

Love it!! The curtains look great!! I don't have a ruffler foot...well, I only really have a zipper foot and a regular one...oh and a blindhemming one...jealous of the ruffler foot! sounds fun! WEll, except that it broke :( love the yellow door and oval frame...and, yes, sewing can be messy can't it? I try to keep my mess as much contained on my desk as i can or else it drives me nuts b/c it feels like it's everywhere. Can't wait to see your Valentine's. We spent the morning making Valentine's yesterday and when we were done it looked like a giant Valentine threw up all over our craft area...another words, huge mess! :) but fun! xo

heidi s. said...

Why am I NOT surprised that we have the same jewelry and the same perfume! :)

You're awesome - love the room!


Shelby said...

I LOVE, LOVE how the room turned out girl. So warm and cozy and the colors are FABULOUS. You go with your sewing ability:) Your curtains rock:) I love all of the pillows on the bed;) Sorry you have sick littles;( Sabrina has a little bit of runny nose, but seems to be doing fairly well. Why can't these kids be sick by themselves and not share it??? I will be glad when spring comes with some fresh air. Gabby stayed home Monday, but sadly I sent her today because I had a doctors appt for Mason at CHOP, which turned out to be a praise.

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

looks great miss! And praying for everyone to feel better soon! grace, grace!
heather :)

Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

love the bedding, so cheery. it was worth the search and wait i'm sure. so impressed with the curtains too, as someone who does NOT sew. looks great! -chelsea