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Thursday, February 21, 2013

impossible. possible.

it's becoming reality.
i will accompany my husband to chile. along with 9 others. in just over a week.

i have bathed this trip in prayer for about a year.
i questioned. i wrestled. i sought wisdom.
it is here. it is happening. and i am going along.
i am teary about leaving my kids.
that started yesterday.

don't know if the rest of my team is prepared for that. :( 
but that's how this momma rolls.

i hope to be better once i get there.
and my heart lets go a bit.

started writing things down for the sitter.
it's going to be a book.
and updated my kids journals.
xoxo. :)

do you know what goes into a momma leaving her babies...leaving the country?
it's wearing me out.

anyway. as i run around and prepare. and pack.
and give more kisseys.
and keep giving medicine...we are still "not quite right" around here.
talking things and questions thru with the littles.
kaden and kaycee are very detail oriented when it comes to mommy leaving.
e-mailing teachers. measuring luggage.
stocking the freezer.

this song has become my inspiration.
for leaving. for serving Jesus this day.

i hope people see Jesus in me.
not just in Chile. or the airport.
i hope people see Jesus in my face. in my heart.

this trip seemed to be the impossible.
i seem incapable.
(i haven't spoken spanish in a good 16 know)
smile. and wink. right? :)

but Jesus makes the impossible possible.
the incapable more than able.

He is the WATER that NEVER runs DRY.
this prayer for my children...
that they would find the living water...
the water that never runs dry.


AND...i am finally on instagram.
just what you wanted to hear... :)
follow me at:
hope to post lots of chile pics. :)

thanks so all of my dear friends who are praying for me.
i it...
please pray for us the whole time. :)
the kids. the babysitter. our team.
you got it. 


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Shelby said...

Praying for you, your whole group, the children, your sitter. Please tell her if she needs anything I am just a phone call. Maybe she wants me to drop off pizza one night;) Let me know. Love you:)