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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


i made my family turn off the half time show.

i know beyonce is slammin' but really???
a prime time event like the superbowl?

was glad i came back in time to see this commercial.

i think i came from a long line of farmers. well. and pastors.
and i happened to marry a farmer.
who would have thought?

certainly. not. me.

sure glad i did. marry him. i mean.
he sure does make me happy *a lot of*  the time. :)

he works so hard. i am thankful for my heritage. and my life.


on another note.

i kept putting off making my curtains.
i am going to try them *tonight* and THEN i will post pictures of my bedroom i LOVE.

i have LOTS of pillows on the bed. matt HATES them.
it is a lot. :)


will also post some pictures soon.
i won't bother promising. i did that last time.
and failed.


this learning thing sure is tough.
keeping up with my kids. what they are learning. how they are learning.
are they succeeding. and what do i do if they are struggling?
i am finding out i might have to be *one of those* parents.
do you know the ones i mean?

carry on. have a great night.

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