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Thursday, February 14, 2013

hApPy vAleNtinEs DaY...

good morning friends.
Happy Valentine's Day!

 photo february2013123_zps55d92f65.jpg

are you doing anything special to show your loved one's how delighted you are
to have them in your life?

 photo february2013059_zpsb6eca9b9.jpg


hoping your day is as full of sugar as mine.
i was going to jump from ice cream party to ice cream party today...
but alas, will miss one. kaycee woke up with a high fever today. it disappeared yesterday afternoon,
but is fiercly back this morning.
poor girl. :(

seems to be the first year of ice cream parties...
don't know how i feel about that?
simply for all those kids who are allergic to dairy.


 photo february2013116_zpsb8c2c4e5.jpg
(kaycee is a book she picked a bookmark valentine
to make out of a paper clip and ribbons,) they
look pretty cute in a book. :)

 photo february2013117_zpsf7c8b63f.jpg
(campbell's are sewing cards...loved how they turned out...i like you SEW much. :)  )

horrible. making my sick kids try to look happy with their valentines. :)

 photo february2013115_zpsc87a4d8b.jpg
(kaden's are a heart with a pencil, that say "i think you are just write"...cute, right?)  :)

 photo february2013112_zps1850554f.jpg

my kids got those cool doodle books.
and flavored milk straws. yum.

have you seen them?
my sister showed them to me...of course. :)
i got them at barnes and nobles.

they are so much fun. i LOVE to do them.
i told kaden if he didn't want his, that I did. :)
they have parts of the pictures drawn, and then ask you to finish the picture...

or like have half of the ball gown colored, and you finish it...
fun stuff.

have a very happy heart day. :)

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Shelby said...

Happy Valentines Day chickie. We love those straws:) They sell them at Walmart as well. Love all the Valentines pics and Campbell is looking so big, well they all are. Love her haircut.