just a quick update from a lobby computer at the Quality Inn in Tuba City, Arizona. We are staying in style tonight...our "poppy" treated us to a deluxe room, we wish some of you could join us...we have a seperate living room and a zillion televisions...all for a couple hours rest. :)

we have had a great trip so far...drove thru massive storms in Indiana, Illinois, and Kansas, but since unloading the motorcycle haven't seen any rain. Praise the Lord! Today we rode thru the hottest part of our trip so far, which was the desserts of Arizona...at 110 degrees. it was hot, but very windy as well. Rode thru some dust storms also.

It is fabulously beautiful out here...and it's really great re-connecting with the hubs i married 10 short years ago. I think i didn't realize what my "real life" takes out of me on a daily basis...so we are really having fun...had a short crying spell last night on the phone with a short-lived sad child of mine...but looks as if things are better for all of us today. we do miss our children immensely, but it's been balanced out by having plenty of fun, enjoying the scenery, eating great food...lots of mexican by accident, and even having lunch with matt's brother mark today...boy, it is a small world, eigh? i have had lots of time for reflection and praying...it's been good for me. okay. all for now. thanks for all your thoughts and prayers...we love you. mk.

p.s. i will update as computer access allows...pictures and great video footage to follow in a couple weeks. :)


Megan said…
Soooooooo excited for you and have been praying for u guys everyday! I can't wait to see pictures and chat again! Text me!!! xoxo miss ya-
praying for you...you have come to my mind several times over the past few days. soak it up!
Rick/Ruthie said…
Happy to hear you're having great fun! Enjoyed Campbell in SS on Sunday.rmu
Jane said…
Glad you are having fun! I have been thinking about you. Enjoy the first days of summer!
Kendra said…
glad you are having fun, as been almost 1 week already!
Darlene said…
Sounds like so much fun. So Doug told me a picture was sent to his phone today, but he couldn't get it for some reason. Be sure to show me that one when you get home. Safe travels.
Darlene said…
Got the picture - SWEET! Can't wait to see all of your pictures. Praying the rest of the journey goes well.

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