Short take-off and slow landing in the STOL CH 750 light sport utility p...

so...what in the world is this video doing on my wonder.

hmmm. has my life EVER really been EVER? hmmm. ugh. no.
it hasn't, and it's not about to change now.

you see...i am excited and a little sick in the belly, :) to say that my 6 year old kaden, 5 year old kaycee and myself are being "flown" to N. Carolina on Friday morning in a little 4 seater plane (that might look like this) by matt's cousin, (or 2nd cousin for those who care, Zach King). I am thinking it should be very fun, but it still makes me a little bit nervous...he said there wasn't much room for luggage and i see why...

thanks zach. we can't wait. and it's awesome it saves us a ton of soon as i return friday afternoon i am hopping in the truck with my hubs, and we are off on our 10 year anniversary motorcycle trip...headed to reach Denver, CO by Sunday. yippee.

please pray for us. for our kids. for their caregivers. i think that should cover it. oh, and good weather. for the next 3 weeks of course...rain at night would be superb. thanks. xoxo. mis. :)


Anonymous said…
Have a Great Trip and Happy Anniversary!!!! Sounds so exciting!! Can't wait to see all the Pictures :)

oh my word! I will be praying... for safety, sunshine, lots of great meomories for the kids and romantic times for you! love ya,
Kendra said…
Have a wonderful trip!

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