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Sunday, June 6, 2010

the trip.

how do you prepare to leave your kids for 2 weeks?
yea...i said it...2 weeks. any suggestions???
i actually got teary eyed TODAY thinking about it.
i know it will be the BEST investment in our marriage EVER...
and will probably not happen again, in a VERY long time...

pray for ME. i hope.hope.hope. to be able to drop them off
WITHOUT crying in front of them. :)

[ i am teary typing that]

latest plans: departing the morning of the hubs and i taking a motorcycle trip, just the two of us, across the country to celebrate our 10 year anniversary (which is the 17th). we had talked months and months ago about our "bucket lists" and i had mentioned that i had always wanted to a) live at the beach, and waitress for a summer, (which obviously won't be happening anymore...fine with me btw) and b) go to California...thus the dream was born. we hope to return around the 1st of july.

eeekkkk. and then I will leave WITH my four kiddos on the 3rd, for a week long vacation, with my family, to N.Carolina...
and i don't think matt will be able to come...eeekkkk.
{did i mention there are days when i hate farming...lots of days i love it, and all it affords us to DO, but there's some stuff it affords you NOT to do too...ugh. i know...who am i kidding. what young married family gets to vacation for 3 consecutive weeks anyway...farmer or no farmer. :) we are blessed. and thankful.}

we will have so much fun. i know it. the kids will have so much fun.
i know that. their that's another story. :)
i will FOREVER be indebted to them for their overwhelming kindness in
watching our kids, for such a long time, and showing them love in the next closest way to their mommy...thank you to all who are making this possible...and here's to the preparations.

ohhhh. where do i start?


Kendra said...

good luck w/the preparations! they will have so much fun and the time will fly by! like you said, don't know when you will be able to do this again so take full advantage of 2 weeks w/just you and matt!

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss! If you two make it out to CO, we'd love to have you stay w/ us, or have you a over for meal if you're just passing through.

I hope it's a wonderful vacation!


Ang Stoltzfus said...

ok- so i didn't know about the NC trip!!!!! (you probably purposely didn't tell me.) what am i going to do w/you gone for so long??
as for leaving your 4 littles....i've found (i know i only have 1 but...) when they are with people that you totally trust (which is sounds like they will be) its SOOOOO much easier to leave them! =) they will have a blast & you & Matt will too!!!!!
you'll be fine my friend..breathe deep when you are out seeing the USA...take it all in! =) all of that fresh air on the back of the bike, not to mention unlimited-uninteruppted coversation w/your husband & your pretty much guarenteed to get a dark dark tan!!