Happy Homecoming!!!

To Octorara Area High.
My alma Mater.

i guess it's kinda neat that i live here. in close proximity to my high school. this weekend is homecoming...always so much fun. i can kind of feed off the energy of the crowd. like at their pep rally yesterday, we can hear the band. we can hear everyone chanting. and screaming. it's fun. being so close.

last night we went to the parade in christiana...which marched right past my old house. tears. :) such memories. kaden got to ride on the soccer float and throw out candy. he had fun. this morning i am going to go bust my butt, on the hockey field, and play in the hockey alumni game...that means at 8 a.m. then go drop some money to the soccer boosters and enjoy a  pancake breakfast, which is totally against my eating habits right now.

did i tell you that i didn't exercise for 2 weeks, and didn't watch EXACTLY what i put in my mouth for the same time period, and my pants are tight.


in 2 weeks. ugh. i vented to a friend the other day. it would be so nice to NOT have to worry about fitting exercise into every day, or THINKING about each little tidbit i put into my mouth, but i do. that's the bottom line. I do. so. i guess i should just grin, and bear it. part of getting older. maybe. part of having 4 babies in 5 years and 2 months. could be. just my genetic make-up. possibly. but to me...that stinks. especially when i have friends who don't have to worry about anything of the such. ugh. again. :)

here's to a new definition of busting my butt in the alumni game...as in my pants are too tight. we'll see how this goes. cheers.

here's some pics of kaden's last soccer game...

and yes...that is our beautfiful farm in the background. what a great back drop don't you think? ha. ha. just think of all the pictures we are a part of. :) kaden is number 6.

 guess he is not really in this above picture...but his good friends are...

 running for the ball...he's not so fast...but is a good little player. really excels at being goalie right now...has no fear going after the ball...

this game he scored the only goal. yay. kaden. love you.


Kendra said…
how neat to be so close to all the school activities! Kaden is such a good goalie, cracks me up how far he comes out of the goal to get the ball! :) and as for the excercising, well I understand. think it comes w/age, NEVER had to exercise and could eat what I want for 35 years and now 2 years past that nothing fits! And yes, could be all those kids so close together, but I just think it is age! BTW, you look great could use some tips and what to eat myself! Have a great weekend, hope to see you later!
Chelsea said…
sounds like a fun weekend! i thought this post would include some flashback pictures to when you were homecoming queen. :) by the way i LOVE the "what do i know of holy" song!

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