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Thursday, September 30, 2010

a r.a.i.n.y. day.

for those of you who live on the east coast...pretty much from florida to maine...we are seeing r.a.i.n. today. lots of torrential downpours. some sprinkles. flooding. big, b.i.g. puddles. so big that kaden has to ride the bus home from school today. (that now makes him quiver...he really likes walking home...) even some thunder and lightning.

it was the p.e.r.f.e.c.t. day to sleep in...i jumped out of bed, ready to start the day...thinking my alarm clock read 5:53 a.m. so i overslept 20 minutes, big deal. i donned my sweats and t, ready to start my workout, and glanced at the clock again. oh no. it REALLY said 6:53 am. oh no! i TOTALLY overslept. so much that i don't have time to fit my workout in afterall, so... i climb back in my warm bed, and cuddle under the covers, and watch the news instead.
this is what i love MOST about being a stay at home mommy.
i call the shots...USUALLY. ;)
{i am sorry to all the moms out there who had to go to work this morning...
i mean...really had to get up early, get the kids packed, and delivered, and walk into work in the pouring rain, when it's kinda still dark outside.
sorry about that.} i sit. laundry in. coffee poured. 2 littles coloring...
while i look out the window, and see the lights to BOTH of my
kids rooms at school shining bright...we really do live THAT close.
i can see both of their homerooms.
is that cool, or what?
talk about being nudged to pray...
yes, everytime i walk past the window,
i pray for my kids,
sitting somewhere in the public school building.
for their friends. for their teachers.
for us.
we are called there. for now.

so...what will i do today. hmmm. obviously stay in my sweats.
totally okay with me, even if the associate pastor is now our hired guy,
and comes in for coffee most mornings.
has he seen me without make-up. yep.
seen me in sweats. yep.
seen my house a total wreck. yep.
{maybe that's why i grew up with a pastor for a dad, a pastor for a grandpa,
and well...a pastor for a brother.}
actually, that is a probably a bad thing...when MOST people know their
associate pastor is coming in for coffee, they would probably scramble to
put on their make-up, get "proper" attire on, and push all the "crap"
into another room...and well...some days i do-do that, but most, not so
much. matt probaby wishes i would care a little bit more...well...
and maybe jon too. sorry...but at least you get coffee right?
and sometimes cookies. doughnuts. or brownies. :)

maybe i will scrapbook, or iron, or give my blog a face-lift.
maybe i will dust. or vacume. or do a huge overhaul clean up job
in my house. maybe i will just spend some much needed time with the Lord.
maybe make some applesauce.
maybe clean out my desk. mail some cards. organize.
color. paint. cook. potty train...naaaa. who wants to ruin a great day?
not sure. here's to the beauty of my life.
i love it.
{today anyway}

happy rainy day.


Kendra said...

Happy Rainy Day to you too! PM K is cancelled so I don't have to go back out until 3:45! am in sweats, intending to do a little 30 day shred, but haven't done it yet and it is almost noon! oh well! nice to snuggle w/kids, 1 who isn't feeling well. and now they are playing play-doh!

Megan said...

Hey girl...thanks for the "shout out" to working moms...I was drenched by the time I got to school and smelled like a wet dog through all my lessons.Oh. Well. By the way, u look great without make up, so no need to rush around. Hope u got to scrapbooking today! xoxo

Shelby said...

Girlfriend I love your blog, I am friends with your sister n law Naomi and your brother Matt. You crack me up, I love the realness of you:)


Missy. said...

well...thanks for leaving a comment Shelby. i love that! now i want to meet you! ;) hope you are having a great day. missy.

Shelby said...

Awww, I am really encouraged by your blog. We might have meet gosh years ago at your parents house when they had the farm. I used to date Chris Horblinksi and that is how I meet your brother and Naomi. Yikes small world. Would love to get together for coffee and would really love to do the Creative Correction book with your group if it comes to happen. Have a fabulous weekend:)