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Saturday, September 11, 2010

the w.e.d.d.i.n.g.

wow...this whole week has been a whirlwind of activity. we celebrated the wedding of matt's brother, mark, and jamie...with rehearsal on thur. night, wedding fri. night, and reception from lunchtime sat.continuing thru the early hours of Sunday morning. {we thought we might return for a bit on sat. night...but to be quite frank, we were so wedding'd out, and the kids were still exhausted, despite not participating in the sat. reception, that i stayed home and put the kids to bed, and started cleaning up my neglected house from the week...i know...i am a pathetic sister in law already. :(  matt did return for a short time...}

as if that wasn't enough activity, we had 15 puppies sat. morning, and had to be ready to leave on  a joni and friends benefit motorcycle ride sat. morning before the 8 a.m. {it really was bad timing...but you know how much fun we have on motorcycle rides...and it was a nice break from wedding "stuff" too. :) }

these songs on the blog are the songs of the wedding...we strolled down the aisle to the white flag song, jamie's procession was to the orinico flow song...and the allison krauss song was the song they had playing during communion. jamie's daughter, rhiannon, played cannon in d on the piano and did a great job! how brave she was to play at her mom's wedding! ;) very unique and beautiful...although we totally weren't lined up in time, and being that i was the first to walk in...i missed my "chime"...oops. sorry uncle mark...he was very concerned about that on thur. night...and i messed it up. :) not that it mattered because the bridesmaids did get to walk "fast" due to the beat of the song, and not to mention there were 12 of us to get up the aisle plus kaden and amelia...the flower girl. yikes. :)

it was a beautiful wedding. just some pics of the church, etc. these are the flowers the bridesmaids carried...they were pretty stunning, eigh? :)
this is kaden, the cute ring bearer ;) and rhiannon and 2 of the girls.

the mark king family, "moppy"- matt's mom with kaycee, campbell, and calli.
and our happy little family. :) {my parents graciously came and watched the they were not "in" the actual wedding...thanks mom and dad...that was a huge help...not to mention the fact that they took them home overnight, so matt and i could ride in the motorcycle ride sat. morning...}

i wish the lighting was better...this is a really cute picture of matt and kaden with groom uncle mark.

i had to enlarge this picture so you could really see the whole wedding party.
saying it was huge...was kind of an understatement...but we were so happy to be able to be a special part of it. :)

these are just a few shots at the was at the bed n breakfast beside Cherry Crest Farms...the corn maze...Shelly and Steve Temple's...they are friends of Mark and Jamie's. It was such a beautiful setting, and a beautiful day for an outdoor reception...
this is matt's cousin, emily, and her little girl gemma. she is the cutest piece of sweet! lots of chatter happening at this afternoon reception...low key and comfy, which is exactly what they were looking for. :)

congratulations mark and jamie. we were so happy to be a part of your special day! hope it was just as you hoped it would be. we'll see you soon!

p.s. matt and i got to read an inspirational reading that i put together. we did a really good job...until i said the "to mark and jamie" part...then i started to usual. but then, matt's voice started to was really very cute. i think we brought the house down in tears. :) but it really didn't matter, because mark had already been bawling at this point. it was so sweet. he just could not hold it together...and jamie was solid as a rock. :)

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Kendra said...

very pretty dresses! you guys looked great!