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Monday, September 27, 2010


so my husband's definition of  "bust my butt" and my definition of "bust my butt" are slighty different. surprise. surprise. :)

 he showed up with the kids to watch the alumni field hockey game, this 32 year old wife and mother of 4, decided to play in on sat...simply because...i was not pregnant or nursing...which quite frankly is kind of a rare-ity these days.

so...let me do a re-play for you...we played 30 minutes...he showed up with maybe 7 or 8 minutes left in the first half, then we got a 5 minute half time break to sort of try to catch our breaths, and swallow as much water as we could, between our gulps of air...and he says to me, "do you feel kind of slow out there?" and then we played 30 more minutes.

hmmmm. i guess there would be 2 ways to handle that comment, when i couldn't breath, (without my asthma inhaler, i might add. :) ) and that would be a good way, and a well...a bad way. be honest, I really didn't feel that slow...regardless of the fact i apparently looked like molasses out there to him, and the fact that my "game" consisted of some jogging, some sprinting, some running, and yes... some walking...but i was NOT the only one...just so you know... :) at the time, the "old" team i was a part of had scored 2 goals...on a the NONE the young team hadn't scored on us, without a goalie...and i had assisted one of those goals. huge smile, yes. AND most of the women on my team play for a league team...i do not. more smiles. and yes, while some of them would have blown me away on a sprint, SOME of them would NOT have. :) yep, more smiles. and by the games end...we won, 5-1...and i had assisted in 3 of those goals, (which means i passed the ball in, and my girl scored)...and yeah...missed 3 of my own shots by inches...but, hey...he missed all that to go pa-ruse the rest of the homecoming grounds with the kids...

i must say that i THOUGHT i would be okay, because quite frankly, i have lost a ton of weight in the past almost year, went out and ran 3 continuous miles the first time i went out to run, a couple months ago, and have been since lifting weights, running, and doing various dvds in my basement many, many times a week...

well. sprinting up and down a hockey field when you are a forward, and running a continuous 3 miles on chester county roads are a bit different. okay. HUGELY different. but it's okay. i was glad i played, and it put my life back into perspective...whether matt thinks i am slow or not.

here's to the cheetos.

thanks for the support baby...even if i AM slow. ;)


Mark Buckwalter said...

well i am impressed. i feel so out of shape right now...because i am! anyways...way to go.

P.s. i want to kick his butt right now! ha!

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Sounds like you were AWESOME! :) I couldn't do it.