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Thursday, September 16, 2010

a new day.

yesterday was a bit of a doozy...

campbell, 3 1/2 years old, fell backwards out of our little wagon, that was being pulled by her big brother kaden, at 6 pm on tuesday night. after much prayer and debate, we decided NOT to call the doc, figuring they would send us to the ER, where they would want to admit her for observation overnight. chickens were leaving, so matt was up with them all night, so i was on my own. :) she did not sleep well, which actually was a good thing, i didn't have to wake her then...but this sort of thing just stresses me out. she vomited 3x yesterday morning, in a hour and a half time period, which freaked me out a bit...however, by mid-morning after a little bit of breakfast, she started to turn the corner. yay! thanks for those of you who were praying for her, and us! we will continue to take it easy with her for the next week or so, and try to ensure she doesn't get another head "bumper". :)

been supplementing the puppies with bottle feedings every 3 hours or so (except for overnight), which is taking away HOURS to my days...i am feeling very behind in all areas of my life. :( i hate that feeling. i just can't seem to get ahead...

ended our day with a surprise visit from my mom, and a trip to the solanco parade. can't candy and pizza, fix anything? even a bad day?

this is an excerpt i came across today, out of one of my favorite books, "A Mother's Heart by Jean Flemming...Her paraphrase of I Corinthians 13.

If i keep my house immaculately clean, and am envied by all for my interior decorating, but do not show love in  my family- i'm just another housewife.

If i am always producing lovely things, sewing, art, if i always look attractive and speak intelligently, but am not loving to my family- i am nothing.

if i am busy in community affairs, teach sunday school and drive in the carpool, but fail to give adequate love to my family- i gain nothing.

love changes diapers, cleans up messes, and ties shoes over and over again.
love is kind, tough, tired and frazzled.
love doesn't envy another wife-one whose children are "spaced" better, or in school so she has time to pursue her own interests.

love doesn't try to impress others with my abilities or knowledge as a mother.
love doesn't scream at their kids.
love doesn't feel cheated because i didn't get to do what i wanted to do today---sew, read, soak in a hot tub.

love doesn't lose my temper easily.
love doesn't assume that my children are being naughty just because their noise level is irritating.

love doesn't rejoice when other people's children misbehave and make mine look good. love is genuinely happy when otheres are honored by their children.

and so i end, being challenged by my sometimes selfish thoughts, and reflect on this verse to start my new day afresh.

     be still and know that i am God.      Psalm 46:10.


Mark Buckwalter said...

wow. i did not know...
i will be praying for you and yeah..i just recently read that same passage in that book and was very convicted. good stuff.
love ya.

Anonymous said...

ok, so im reading your blog and matts like, "yeah, didn't i tell you that cali had a slight concusion?" helloooo??? what a week, huh? we'll be praying safety over your household.......we love you! kaden doing with school?