they're here!

as i mentioned before...our chocolate lab, millie, had 15 puppies on sat. morning. matt and i had checked her on fri. night at 11:30 p..m. when we got home from the wedding, and she was jumping on us, and we figured she wasn't going to have them anytime soon. however, i checked on her at 6:30 a.m. sat. morning, and there were puppies that point she had had 12...and by the time we got home from our motorcycle ride she had had 15. she had 5 of each color: chocolate, yellow, and black! lots of girls, only 4 boys out of 15!
we are trying to bottle feed the littles, but millie is doing a great job being a mommy! such a miracle to watch it all go down. i about dogs/puppies like that. ;) we have 10 living now...and are excited about that!
we can't wait until they are a little bit bigger and their eyes open up!


Kendra said…
how cute! once they are a little bigger I would love to bring the kids to visit them! baby animals are the cutest things!
Megan said…
WEll, I think it is about time that you have another baby. I just can't believe you are sooooooo "into" these pups....they're cute, but you are really turning into someone i don't know. We were always the 2 farm girls that wanted NOTHING to do with animals...remember?? Have a are so much better!Love ya!
Missy. said…
just a side note meg...human babies COST money...puppies MAKE money. :) but thanks for the encouragement anyway. ha. ha. :)

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