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Thursday, January 13, 2011

coffee talk. Sunday. 8pm. here.

yep. you got it.
women. moms. coffee talk. here. Sunday night.
this Sunday night. january 16th, 2011.
in my basement, by the toasty fire. at 8 p.m.
commenting on creative correction, by lisa whelchel.
chapters 2 & 3
come. whether you have the book or not.
come. whether you read the book or not.
come. whether you know me or not.
perspective. it's what it's all about in my book.
i love hearing it. and seeing it.
a new glimpse into being a mom.

some questions that have my heart stirring:

a) Besides spending time with God, how can we as parents represent  Him to   our children in a healthy way?
b) What practical things can you encourage your children to do that will demonstrate respect to their elders? to one another?
c) Practically speaking, how can you teach your kids to love God's commands?
d) What is the point of obedience?
e) What motivates your children to obey? Love or fear-or something else?   ~love this one. i know what it is in my house, how about yours?

just some things that have me stirring inside. can't wait to hear what you all have to say. and if you don't want to come or can't, leave me a line here with your insights. would love that. and if you didn't come last time, don't let that keep you away this time. this is not a book where chapter upon chapter builds on each other, it's a book you can simply open up and pick up where ever you want. love that too. hope to see you here. ~mk.


Mark Buckwalter said...

hey missy, would love to come some time but it does not work for this sunday but i love the idea and am always up for some encouragement!
hope kaycee is feeling better!
love, Heather :)

Kendra said...

I may be able to come, I have to work during the day so will see how it goes. still forgot to get the book!