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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what better way can you think to wake up to then the phone
ringing at 6:15 a.m. to let you know your children have a
two hour delay because of the snow? ;)
(and then another call at 6:50 a.m. to let you know there is no school,
but i was out of bed by then people)

i know. i know. i should be out of bed. but let me tell you.
winter's are r.o.u.g.h on me.
not so long ago matt was reminensing about how i "used"
to get up with him, make him some coffee,
pack his lunch, and
share a few words, at 5 a.m.,
 before he hustled out the door.

before kids. still working full time. well...and he needed
a lunch packed. those were his "construction" days.
now...there is really no "need" for me to get up and pack his lunch,
because i can "make" it for him when he comes "in" for lunch...
during the winter anyway.
lucky for me. some call me lazy. oh well.

nothing is better than a good snow day to stop us in our tracks.
life totally slows down.
and sometimes almost comes to a stand still.
here on the east coast anyway.

i am blessed, or spoiled, or just plain lucky to not have to "go"
anywhere to find work. it's all right here.
i love the snow...mainly because i don't
"have" to do anything in it. ;)
no plowing driveways, or pulling people out of ditches,
or shoot...even driving. (or...hauling tabacco for our hard working Amish neighbors, who don't drive. my poor husband left this morning at 6 a.m. and still isn't back yet. yikes).
~technically speaking, that means i should be out plowing the driveway, right?~
it's glorious. for me.
i hibernate. in the basement. with the kids.

who am i kidding?
i have been hibernating since i found out i was pregnant four months ago.
i guess that's what 33 years old does to a pregnant lady?
i cannot imagine being pregnant at 40.
i am sooooo *tired*. i don't remember ever being *this*
tired with any of my other 4 pregnancies.
~ i try to give myself a pep talk at the start of each day, ~
but it's highly unusual for me *not* to steal in a 20 minute nap each day.
i kid you not.
and i should be *out* of the tired stage.
oh well.
i suppose i will be tired for the next 18 years of my life,
due to child rearing, and then, i will just be heading into
"old", so the way i figure it, i just might get used to feeling tired.
there's going to be no way around it. ;)

here's to a snowy day.
how will you spend yours?


Mark Buckwalter said...

Hey Missy,
I am tired too and I am not even pregnant! Don't be too hard on yourself. I always say to Mark that I don't know what my problem is and he says, "You are taking care of four kids that is why you are tired!" Oh...
I watched that video too and have been following her blog some and just told Mark I really wanted to read her book, One thousand gifts. You will have to let me know how you like it and maybe I could even borrow it when you are done! :)
love ya and enjoy the snow day!

Jen said...

I don't get up til 7... with the kids! I chose to keep my kids home today (there was no delay or cancellation)... but we waited outside for the bus for 30 minutes and I was done! :-) I was definately more tired with each pregnancy as well... it's harder on you the older you are and the more young ones you have to keep up with. However, even though you will still have tired days and moments... after the new one has arrived and is sleeping through the night... there will be days that you will feel awake, alert and alive! I can speak as one who has been through and is still in the midst of the wonderful world of 5! ~Jen

Anonymous said...

humm...first of all, stop feeling guilty. im trying to learn that myself. last night i laid with zion at 830 and fell asleep with her till 1030. i got up, matt was on the phone, judah doing homework and went back to bed till 6am. i mean who needs 10 hours of sleep? (well, rae was up twice and zion popping up till midnight....). however, i refuse to think i need to be super woman. i feel great today. it just might be my new pattern:)'s to sleeping in:)
have an amazing day
ps loved the video...even told my husband to watch it! thanks

Kendra said...

I do not get up until after 7 to get Parker ready for school, except for the days I work and then it is 530! Today I stayed in bed until after 10 and my kids were up watching a movie and got themselves cereal, but I have strep throat and needed the rest! The more kids you have the harder it is, because there isn't that "down" time to let you relax. Nothing wrong with a 20 min. nap pregnant or not. You are busy all day!

CountryMidwife said...

Honey - you're feeling guilty for not being up before 6:50 am??? NO! LET IT GO! You are a mom - you have so many sleepless nights. You must grab every little moment of sleep you can - for the good of your entire family. Remember moms are the glue that holds it all together! If you were sleeping through your kids getting breakfast and out to school, I might wonder. But Matt's a big boy and can manage getting up by himself. It's an investment in his wife to allow her to rest as much as possible!

On the super tired part - twins, yup, twins.

heeee :) :)

CountryMidwife said...

PS -- forgot to say -- remember you are creating a true and utter miracle on the inside. Of _course_ you can't do as much on the 'outside'. Your body is working HARD every minute of the day to create and protect little baby Maribeth. (haaaaaaa!). Anyway, seriously, be gentle on yourself! The tiredness is a sign to slow down and take it easy.