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Thursday, January 6, 2011


okay. so. i haven't written in awhile. i have tried. and it didn't sound right or something. so it got trashed. or canceled. or not saved.

i am in a f.u.n.k. right now.

i feel tired. i feel lazy and completely unmotivated. did i say i was tired? hmmm. how do you get out of a funk? or maybe you have never been in one...i don't know. but i don't like to be here.

so...going to a ladies retreat tomorrow, until saturday. i am hoping that this will be the first day de-funked. high hopes for that. ;) until then...i came across this, this morning...

...if you want to develop a consistent desire for Scripture, here are five things you can do:

     1. Remember the Bible's benefits. just as satisfying physical cravings releases feel-good chemicals in our brains, satisfying a hunger for Scripture releases spiritual benefits and blessings in our lives, such as increased wisdom, comfort and peace.

     2. Ask God to give you the desire for His Word. each day, ask God to give you a deep-rooted desire to spend time reading and studying the Bible. Then be alert for those inner promptings.

     3. Make daily Bible reading a habit. experts say it takes twenty-one days to develop a habit. decide on a reading or study plan and commit yourself to spending time in God's Word every day, whether you feel like it or not.

     4. Keep a spiritual journal. keep a record of how Scripture has affected your life. take note of how various Scripture passages have touched  your heart, motivated change in your life, or given you insight into life's circumstances.

     5. Customize your Bible study to fit your circumstances. a mother of three preschoolers might not be able to devote the same amount of time and energy to reading God's word as a woman whose children are in school. finding the method of study and reading that works for where you are right now will keep you from giving up in frustration.

                                                           ~Katrina Baker. Today's Christian Woman.

so this means tomorrow i will make a choice to not be in sweatpants. all day. now. [in my defense, i am in this funky stage. my regular pants are too tight, the next size up is too big. that just makes me crazy cranky,] so then, i just chose sweatpants. sorry to matt, the kids, jon, all the people who see me everyday in sweats. yucko.

i will also shower. and do my hair. and my make-up. hmmm.

and i hope to hit the bins on my way there. now how can that NOT de-funk my day? cheers. ~mk.


Mark Buckwalter said...

You were on my mind today and then i just read this...maybe that is why you were on my mind. i am all too familar with those feelings. i am praying that this weekend will bring refreshement!
love ya,

Kendra said...

I think it is this time of year, the let down after the hype of Christmas, is cold out, and dark! But showering and getting dressed usually makes me feel better. I always hated that in-between pregnancy stage, clothes too tight but maternity clothes too big! Have a good time away, you deserve it! Hope to see you Sunday morning! :)