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Monday, January 24, 2011


it took me awhile to find a "good" routine that works for kaden and i, once he gets home from school at 3:30pm.

trying to figure out what's important to him and keeping him functioning and happy all the while...and keeping everything else running too...and the thing is that it changes. snack? down time? homework? hmmm.

from creative correction: "children respond well to consistency and routine. their little bodies need a certain amount of sleep each night, rest every day, regular meals, in-between snacks, indoor time, outdoor time, play periods, quiet periods, self-focused and others-focused intervals, uptime and downtime."

most recently, we've "adjusted" once again to his "needs." ;) he comes in, hangs up his backpack (which has taken almost all year to become part of his "routine",)  and runs outside again to play rollerblade hockey. this was taken right before it snowed. he is out there for hours, until about 5:30pm, when i make him come in to do homework, and then dinner...

 i am overwhelmed at all you homeschooling moms do.
i don't know how you get your kids to "learn" it all.
i cannot wrap my head around all that 1st graders learn these days.

i was under the impression as long as i read to my kids, taught them their abcs, how to count to 20 and how to write their name they were ready for kindergarten. wow. i didn't have it quite right, did i? or did i?
i am such a people pleaser. i want my kids to be the best they can be.
but does that mean that they won't have to work hard at reading or math?
could i have spent "more" time doing those things to better prepare them for the public school system?
i don't know. i don't have the answers.
all i know is that. kaden works hard at reading. it's hard for him.
and that's hard for me.
to see other littles thriving at reading. and he struggles.
he's come a long way, but not without frustrations.
so...we just keep plugging away.
will i do anything differently in preparing my others for kindergarten?
i don't know.
i think it's important to play outside and learn to get along
with your siblings too.
i, the "mom",  got my first geometry question wrong on kaden's homework
the other week. ~ME.~ (granted that math was never my strong point...besides making it to calculus in high school...i don't know how in the world i did friends, and lots of Cs i guess... :) ) he changed his answer because i "checked" his work, and  then got it wrong. it's going to be a long 11 years.  :)

 i guess matt should be the  homework guy. ;)

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Anonymous said...

i feel your pain miss. whats even scarier is when you HAVE home schooled and then your third grader goes to public school brings home a question that not only do you pronounce wrong but need to hunt down the answer to. the crazy thing is with all this work, i don't feel like im getting a mega intelligent kid. time to re-evaluate here on the buckwalter front. cuz i see my kids less and they are more stressed out. really? i mean whats stressful in 2nd and 3rd grade?

ill be praying much grace for the race!-naomi