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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


this is what i got in the mail *today*.

*NEW* Handmade Beginnings

and last week, i listened to this...
(thanks janelle)

and *pause* my music to listen to this... i got this book too.
(did i mention i just had a birthday) ;)

and didn't help that 
this little beautiful baby wasn't even 24 hours old, and that's like
too precious beyond words...tugging at my heart strings...i can't
WAIT to hold our baby... ;)

and you thought i wasn't serious. i am *totally* serious about
my new years list.
you just wait.

i can't wait. ;)

(i'm already a quarter of the way thru this book...)


Kendra said...

cute stuff on the cover! I like the bag, would work as a regular bag too. If you figure out how to make them I will buy one from you!

Jane said...

Ooo i had been looking at that book!!!! I never got it :(. Such cute things inside to make. Brad was in NYC mon and tues. And happened to be near one of my old fave fabric stores up there and surprised me with some fabric.... Hmm what to make?!

Kendra said...

so I watched the video and now need to get the book!

Jane said...

I forgot about some of the cute projects inthis book... Love chicke... And the little jacket... Hmmm maybe I'll have to get this book soetime soon... I love her fabric too! Hope you enjoy your snow day and go ahead... Nap it up!! ;)