Happy New Year!

well it's already been a better new year than how we ended the last.
kaycee is feeling better and none of the rest of us are sick...yet. :)
high hopes for this first week of 2011...

Happy New Year!!

my friend made these cute tutu's for the girls for christmas.
isn't she sweet? so unnecessary, but what a special treat.
campbell's is "little miss Christmas",
kaycee's is "little miss America", and calli's is "little miss go eagles".

(no worries. she also got kaden a car to make and put together.
he's doing it right now...:) )
thanks kendra.



Kendra said…
thanks Missy, but no longer have the etsy account. I still make them just "on the side" didn't sell many on etsy. Etsy is great I get sucked in for hours sometimes! Happy New Year!

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