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So times are a changing here in the King household. Almost 2 teens live here, and soon to be a bunch of pre-teens to follow. :) Trying to...

Friday, December 31, 2010

more birthday.

just a few pictures of kaycee's family party last night.

a night of hurrah's as she is throwing up today.
poor girl.

i was hoping not to get this nasty stomach bug that is going around,
but...looks like it is here...i am assuming for a couple weeks...
until it makes its rounds. ;)

kaycee decided she wanted a poodle cake.
she doesn't even really like dogs. i don't know why she wanted
to make it, but she did. so we did. spent the morning baking her cake
decorating it. she loved it.

here's to a fun "last day of the year" reflecting on life
as i clean. and organize.

what are you doing today?

will you make it to midnight to bring in the New Year?
or will you find being snuggled in bed and sleeping might be a better fit for you? ;) i haven't decided i was up every hour thru the morning
with kaycee, i think the snuggles might be calling my name...
once 10 o'clock rolls around. we'll see.

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