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Thursday, December 16, 2010

more to think about.

i have to start off with a chuckle.
i read on someone's blog some time ago that "her husband and family are not neglected because she blogs"

first off...mine absolutely are!
just so you know.
this blog has turned into a selfish way for me to vent my joys and frustrations mostly about being a wife and mother...despite me being in love with each and every one of them, and loving the life i have been blessed with.

currently there are DOZENS of freshly baked cookies cooling on the counters.
( it's not TOTAL neglect, right? i am still baking) ;)
my girls are all helping themselves and dipping them in i type.
ALL of my floors are in need of vacuming AND
their are 2 baskets of laundry...that have been waiting to be folded for
2 days now...and an overflowing hamper upstairs.

just wanted you to know.

i still plan to finish this post, and by the way i am feeling now, hope to get cozy by the fire around 2 pm, turn on my new favorite inspirational show, nate berkus, and take a quick little nap on the floor. no worries. i will have dinner on the table and all will be warm and ready to christmas carol around the neighborhood tonight at 6:30 p.m. AFTER kaden's homework is done.

so...the laundry ~may~ have to wait again until tomorrow.
much to my husband's dismay. sorry. honey. ;)

and back to this good read...i have been thinking more on the words of Vicki Courtney in Your boy...

Here's what i am thinking on...

"...most likely Daniel and his three friends were trained early on by their parents to put the Lord their God above all else in the world. perhaps they had parents who were purposeful in training them to stand for what is true and right rather than conform themselves to the culture around them. but how many christian teens, if put in the same situation, without their mom and dad looking over their shoulders, would do what these boys did? as mothers, our goal should be to raise sons who, like Daniel and his friends, refuse to sample the forbidden delicacies on the world's table even when we're not there to encourage them to walk away.

our sons are not exempt from temptations, and they will be presented  with a banquet table of delicacies that bid them to come and taste. "we live in a society that is at the feast and, by nature, we are hungry. to sit by on the sidelines and watch others enjoying themselves while we fast is hard, and that is what we are asking our kids to do. we know that these delicacies will eventually turn bitter in the belly, but it's so hard to say no when your stomach is growling."

as mothers, it is our job to help our sons resist the temptation to conform to the ways of the world by drawing firm boundaries when it comes to possible exposure to ungodly influences...

...if our sons are to stand firm for God in the face of opposition, we must teach them the arduous balance of how to live in the world without becoming of the world. i fear that a great many well-meaning christian mothers have allowed themselves to be molded and shaped by worldly influences and have sent a message to their sons that it is possible to be friends with both the world and God...the truth is, our sons will be shaped and molded by something. unfortunately, the majority of them-whether they are christians or not, will be molded by the worldly influences that surround them."

oh. and p.s.
"the sad truth is that 9 out of 10 children ages eight thru sixteen have been exposed  to hardcore pornography on the internet."



Mark Buckwalter said...

ha. I had to laugh. i think I may have read that same quote about the family not been neglected and had your same thought. I realize there is sometimes a fine line with me and the computer as far as how much time i should be spending on it! thanks for keeping it real! looking forward to christmas next week!!!!

Kendra said...

have fun caroling, and the laundry will still be there! I need to watch Nate Berkus, haven't yet!

Jane said...

I love nate berkus!!!! I remember when I first heard that he was going to have a show I thought it was silly but then it turns out that that is the time of day when v is napping and I am nursing h sooo nothing else to watch... And now I love it... It feels like a bit of me time... Even though Henry is nursing at the same time, ha! Brad has grown tired of sentences starting with..." Nate berkus said... Or does..."

Rick/Ruthie said...

Sure am thankful you had time to carol in the neighborhood! : )
Also thankful you take time to blog. I'm a regular reader who enjoys your musings.