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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

our "new" for us. office.

this used to be the dining room~when my in-laws lived here.
it was hardwood floor, that had been stained around the oriental rug...that is no longer here...
the day i was going to work on staining the floor, i found out i was pregnant.
so...we got carpet. ;)

this used to be just shelving or closets.
this dream all came out of me wanting a "closet" on this first floor.
i had none, other than the new closet that was put in the first floor
bath, when we re-did that 2 years ago.

so...we disagreed on the layout a bit, but matt trumped me, and it's great.
i love it.
there were a few things that needed to happen, and other than that, i was pretty flexible.
so flexible that i was not able to go pick out the carpet with him, due to previous plans. eeekkk.
so he even did that himself.
not quite what i would have chosen, but it's totally working. yay.

 he made the desk out of old doors. can ya see them?

these doors lead out to my dining area, which is just a long narrow room
lined with window. notoriously both of these doors have been open,
but now i think we are keeping one closed, aghhh, just for
looks i think. ;)

 this little beauty of a corner cupboard came out of our friends house...
thanks james and donna.  i painted it, and keep lots of office supplies, school papers, etc. in here. it fits perfectly now, thanks to our superman construction guy. thanks matt ressler.

this is my most favorite closet in my whole house. the one the room was designed around. got all of my ideas out of magazines of course. this houses a small coat closet, and lots of shelving for me to get organized...scrapbooking, crafts, good news club "stuff" overflowing... you get the idea...

 so now we actually have some book shelves too. all those stored photo albums sitting up in the attic, amoungst other books now have a home. still
working on adding some decorating touches, but it's good for now.

 and just had to showcase this idea...i got from nate berkus the other day. ;)
using jewelry, beads and stuff to decorate...i don't know about you, but i wear a necklace for awhile, and then move's a great way to "use" them.

 and i do love these cubbies...right out of a magazine too. still working on decorating these too, but's good for now.

our dream is to continue renovating thru the next few years. this will eventually be solely matt's work office, with an outside entrance off the dining area.  our old office is hoping to be part of a bigger kitchen in a few years.
won't that be so much fun?

see ya. mk.


Kendra said...

beautiful! I need you to come to my house and helping with some decorating touches! we have a big bookshelf similar that has been taken over by the kids and I would like some of it back!

Jane said...

Wow I love it! It looks great love the nate touch! You guys are doing such a great job! I really love the cubbies I need some of those somewhere....

Ang Stoltzfus said...

so glad that i got to see it in person today!!!!! =))))

love it love it!! so practical. the closet is a dream!

Mark Buckwalter said...

hey it looks awesome. i am having trouble picturing how the rooms go together now. i guess we will have to come check it out sometime! :)
love the desk too! great job Matt!
love ya and see ya soon,