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Monday, December 6, 2010

just to catch up...

well. it seems life has been crazy busy. not just because i *am pregnant* but it just is a busy time of year, wouldn't you agree?

thanks for all your well wishes and kind words. in general, i know we are a teeny bit crazy for embarking on this journey, but i just didn't have a done*peaceful*good feeling about scheduling a we went another route. and we are so glad we did. we are very excited, as are the kids...kaden is really routing for a brother, well...and campbell too...

this will be the first baby where i hopefully won't have 2 in diapers. i can't quite imagine it. calli will be almost 3 and kaden will be almost 8. wow. it makes me excited to think about it. crazy, i know. but excited. i that's all. i can't wait to hold the little peanut...and meg's too. double the pleasure. :)

i must say this is the first time i have gotton some not so excited responses. 
like people trying to fake some enthusiasm for you. i can usually catch that.
i would like to know what makes
 people think they know what's best for you and your family? do you know? they think what worked for them, must be the best for baffles me...and quite frankly hurt my feelings, but i am trying hard to get over it. i hope i never make people feel like my way is the best way, because quite frankly it is a horrible way to make people feel. i am so.sorry. if i have done that to you out there reading this. we are just trying to do the best we can. sure we disagree here and there, but that's life. and totally fine. i never want to push my agenda on people. but go ahead...why don't we all have 5 kids and start ticking people off. ;) i am kidding people, kidding. but still a little bit hurt, can you tell? i am working thru it. i am.

honestly...most of you have been so so excited for us. thank you.

oh yeah...and i have been feeling great. the last 2 weeks i had been feeling crazy tired. but really...i can deal. nothing feels better than stealing a little nap on the floor by the cozy fire. my favorite spot. this week is much better...and i can't be too my sister actually has to go out of the house to a real job...if she has too, then i better do my best to keep up. i will be the way fatter one though, just for the record. she looks fab carrying babes. not so much for me. :)

so...i hosted a dinner party for our friend nik. no kids. (we can still do that, because we still only have 4 ;)...i think there is an unwritten rule about that. ;) )everyone brought something fabulous to eat. and i can say that bucco de beppo's has nothing on my girls. nothing. we ate very well. ;) anyway, it was fun to relax and catch up. sort of a last hurrah before nik heads out for 5 months to the dominican for some mission work and to engulf in their lifestyle. she is so good at that... we will miss her. much. but...the good news is that she'll be back in time to see me fat and maybe deliver my babe. :)

unfortunately, nik is the one taking the pic. our self timer pics turned out a bit fuzzy, sorry nik. :(


Megan said...

Sorry you are feeling hurt...just try to enjoy every moment of this special time (even if people are buttheads). And by the way, you look fabo carrying babes...and you don't get fatter than me (by the way I just downed a bowl of coffee icecream during the jets game). Here's to our body changes over the next months...its not fat its beautiful!!!!!

Shelby said...

I think people are just jealous and sorry you have hurt feelings. I wouldn't put much thought into why they are that way I think they just feel they need to put their two sense in. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE big families, so I really get excited when people have more children. The verse that comes to mind, which I am sure you know is Psalm 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. God always looked at more children like a blessing not a curse;)

Hope you have a fabulous day & ENJOY your prego body.

Kendra said...

makes me sad to read this. I know with my kids so close was always dare I say "embarrassed" to announce that I was pregnant and often got rude and inappropriate comments, esp. at work. didn't feel good. I am excited for you guys and if you can "handle" 5 then go for it. wish I could handle 4 and that Jason would agree. again, you are causing me to have baby envy as when I first met you and you were pregnant with Calli! :) don't think it is right for us and can't happen unless there was some kind of miracle and then so be it. enjoy your pregnancy and those who support you on this wonderful journey!

Sarah said...

Well we're excited for ya! I told Andy if anyone has what it takes for 5 it's you guys! Your kids are well taken care of and so well'll do great with another!!

And it's kinda funny, I used to get negative comments about wanting a small family -- like I didn't love being a mom b/c I only wanted 2 or something!? I used to get hurt feelings a lot. (Who knew I'd get the itch and be preggo again!:O)..and I'm already getting the adoption itch again!)

God already has a purpose and destiny for this little one growing inside you. How awesome is that!?! Praying for you as you prepare for another and as you work through the hurt feelings..

Chelsea said...

gorgeous picture of you missy. and i am sorry people are such morons. if you want i could give them a piece of my mind ... which would involve me telling them children (all of them, no exceptions) are a blessing from the Lord (sounds like a pretty big deal to me), American culture has become so self-absorbed and controlling that instead we view them as a financial burden or worse. yeah ... that's a mild version of what all i could say once i really got going hahaha. you're great parents and God will continue to bless your obedience and faithfulness to Him, no doubt.

Ang Stoltzfus said...

just for the record girl...pregnant does NOT=fat!!!
pregnant='scarrying another human being INSIDE OF YOU!!! not fattness!!=)
you will be cute no doubt..
& really...the # of children you & Matt have has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYONE ELSE!! =)
it's between you & God & your spouse! The end. don't even let others upset you...

love you.

Angie said...

I just heard the news from Mom -- Congratulations to you & your sweet family! I simply can't imagine how your family could be any more beautiful ... but by adding another baby -- you guys are going to be out-of-this-world cute!! :) Very, very happy for you! Congrats again!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I agree with Angie comments you have a beautiful Family and adding another Baby will only make it that much Greater!!! You are a fabulous Mom and I think NOTHING is more Beautiful than a Pregnant Woman :) Have fun growing that peanut!!!!


CountryMidwife said...

Yaaaayyyy Matt and Missy! So glad for another lovely King child to grace our good earth!

PS Miss and Megan -- you are not "big" or "fat" while expecting -- you are blooming, like a flower! And full bloom is gorgeous! :)