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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Ball 2010.

Hmmm. well. matt and i had the opportunity to chaperone the Octorara Christmas Ball last night. what a riot. we hadn't really told too many people ahead of time, simply because we "knew" a decent amount of people who would be there, and didn't want to...hmmm..disappoint them that we were coming? we were quite proud of the kids we knew...they all looked great and were very respectful.

our evening started at the check-in when the other chaperones asked, "so who is your kid?" hugh. stop there. i am only 32, do i really look THAT old? (by that i mean old enough to have a 16 year old)...stop already. ;)

i can't say that the whole crowd was as respectful as i would have hoped. that is something that hasn't changed so much. there are still good kids, and there are still kids who are always going to push the limits...and be disrespectful in how they do that. but overall we heard it was a much different scene than the homecoming dance-which apparently was a bit out of hand.

i kept comparing it to the last christmas ball i was at, which was a mere 14 years ago. how the dress has changed. how the dancing has changed. how the music has changed. i kind of cringed when i think of what things might be like when my 7 year old is old enough to go. hmmm.

i think we are holding the d.j. hugely responsible for the inappopriate "moves" we saw, and were a little disppointed in the lack of accountabilty there. not sure how we are expecting our children to dance to songs that speak of getting naked, and using foul language, and implying other sexual acts. the kids danced well for the group dances, and quite honestly there were only 2 "true" slow songs...but the crowd depicted well, the new hook up culture...and when i say that, i mean, i felt like people were dancing with a lot of different people, rather than solely couples...which is not a bad thing...

what are my thoughts?
a) someone should have been at the door, sending the girls home who's dresses seriously did not cover their hineys...seriously. where are their parents. i am not kidding. this was only the case with 4 girls that i saw, but, hmmm, it didn't leave much for the mind to figure out.

b) hold the d.j. accountable...some of that music was a little too "not okay", if
we truely are expecting kids not to dance like they are on mtv. [but shout out to my nephew Judah...they did soldier boy...and i actually could have participated...if i was allowed. ;)]

c) we should have a flash mob of parents come to pick up their kids, at 9:45, 9:50 and 9:55pm. then we can talk about accoutability. and i don't mean sitting in the parking lot and waiting for your kid to come outside. i mean go INSIDE the gym, and get your kid.  ;) my kids are going to LOVE me.

thanks Sarah...we'll look for our free prom tickets to come.

~and i am going to see if i can give you all a good laugh, and scan in a picture of matt and i at his last christmas ball...~
yep. here it is. this one made the yearbook. yippee.

first of all...i was just a freshman, and he was a senior. but...regardless, notice his arm is around my shoulder and NOT my waist. ;)
secondly. i think we got this dress for $7 or something because it was missing a button, much to my dismay,
but because my mom could sew, it was not a problem. ;)
thirdly. my poor matt. he should have just taken me out for dinner and skipped the dance al-together. i was HUGELY in the MINORITY at this dance. although it was 14 years ago, a lot of girls still wore spagetti strap dresses...especially the senior ones, i was competing with. ;)
fourthly. notice i was a little bit ummm. no makeup. no eyebrow plucking.
and by the way, my sister was able to wear a short spagetti strap dress to her freshman Christmas ball. i don't know how that happens?
i am trying to get over it...the middle child i am, and all. ;)

i couldn't get this picture clear...i was taking a picture of a picture. but you get the idea. i was fully covered, wouldn't ya say? ;)
we would wait in huge lines to get our pictures taken.
at sat's dance, it seemed no one really cared. they would then get them via computer, and would be able to pick one of four backgrounds, when
they placed their order.
do you even remember ordering pics that you couldn't see before hand?
seems like a long time ago, doesn't it?


Kendra said...

the music today amazes me and to say that makes me feel old! I remember when George Michael's "I want your sex" was banned or the word "sex" changed to "love" and he was talking about a monogamous relationship. Now they say things that are pretty vulgar and it is hard to imagine being a kid listening to that and then how you react to it. and the dresses covering the hineys, some girls come to church like that with their parents and I cannot believe it, come in pj's instead at least your "butt" wouldn't be hanging out!

Sarah said...

First of all YES, post a pic:)

Second...I don't want my kids to grow uuupppp!!! Sure they make me a little nutty somedays, and I'm wishing for the day they are older and more independent but then I read this and... YIKES!

Third, too bad we aren't in the same school district, we could walk into the dance together!:o)