we got to practice...

having a baby in the house last night.

it was so much fun. got to "remember" what it feels like to have a hungry baby in the house at exactly the same time that i am feeding my family, and cutting their meat. ;) matt remembered what it felt like to hold a baby, when he was ready to eat. ;)

it was great fun to see the kids interact with rae~anne. they fought over her all night. she was never lacking for cuddles or attention, and she hardly made a peep...except when she was hungry or had a burp. ;)

thanks for trusting us with your little peanut.
matt and naomi.
we loved every minute of it.


Kendra said…
so cute! yes, you forget about never sitting to eat a hot meal w/a baby in the house! looks like Kaycee and Kaden will be big helpers!

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