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Thursday, December 30, 2010


i remember very vividly the night that kaycee was born.
let me set the stage for you.

~matt had fallen off a barn roof, at work, when i was 8 months pregnant with her.
we had just gotton back from a youth retreat on sunday...we had been youth advisors at the's now pretty early on monday morning, and matt lay on the living room floor in an astonishing amount of pain (which is highly unlike him) my mind raced as to what to do next.
i quickly called my mom.
her line was busy.
i called my mother in law and she came over to watch kaden.
i remember her peeling kaden off my leg crying and we had just been re-united with him, and now were leaving him again, in a hurried, unexplained way.

i will always remember feeling very calm and in control of the situation...
until he started going into shock when we pulled into the er entrance.
our drive there was pretty uneventful. lots of moaning and agony,
but he could always talk to me and answer my questions,
which i felt was reassuring.

the man who came to help us asked if he could walk in the doors...

i remember looking at him like, are you kidding me?

the best thing obviously in hind sight would have been to take a ride
in the ambulance...and not have him sitting at all...
maybe matt wasn't the only one not thinking clearly...hmmm.

regardless i went to park the car
and by the time i got back
he had had lots of prep work done, and was already getting tests done.
(once you fall over 15' you are considered a "trauma" victim and get pushed to the beginning of the line. yay.)

i remember talking with my parents on the phone, by matt's beside in the er.
i remember doctors and nurses paying extra close attention to me, as to expecting ME to go into labor any minute...
i remember talking with the chaplain...which did freak me out a bit.
it was at that point that my "calm nature" took more of a back seat, as
i envisioned our lives as we had hoped and planned for,
flashing before my eyes.
i remember bawling to a lot of people who came to be with me,
well...and on the phone too.

he was in the trauma unit for days.
and recovered for months at home, unable to go back to work
for 4 1/2 months.
it was a time of uncertainty for us.
people providing for us, as we obviously couldn't for ourselves.
it was a time where we felt the love of family and friends and church as
NEVER before. thank you. really.
God made his face perfectly clear and real to us over that time.
it's a time we will never, ever forget.

so. the stage is set. hard times, as matt is not used to "resting" at all.
Christmas was a bummer.
Kaden and Matt had both been sick, we ended up leaving my  family
Christmas dinner...and i was in tears.
it was starting to add up.
i was now overdue. surprise. surprise. :)

it's now dec. 30th, and one of my cousins was getting married on the 1st.
our out of town family, was "in" for the wedding, so my mom hosted
an evening meal. i remember sitting around the table chatting,
eating a ton...feeling totally fine.
we left around 9pm...and by then, i was feeling a little bit uneasy,
but that was normal
by this point...most nights were like this...

we got home around 9:30 pm, and i could barely get out of the car.
matt really didn't think much about it.
my labor with kaden hadn't been real "quick", so we called our
labor and delivery nurse friend nik to come over,
and matt asked her to pick up a movie on her way.
i remember being irritated at his request.
she asked to talk to me, and wondered if we had time to watch a movie.
i told her NO, and she was there in an instant.
i put kaden to bed and
we waited for my sister and husband to come to stay the night with him.

we made our way to the birthing center and arrived shortly after 10:30 pm.
matt and the midwife started filling the "pool" we had purchased for me to give birth in, while nik stayed with me, working thru my contractions with me.
turned out kaycee was born in the water at 11:54 pm.
there hadn't been enough time to get the birthing pool filled, so
she was born in the bath tub.

i remember there being talk about me just holding off a few minutes
so we could have a new years eve baby...i wasn't into it. :)

we were home shortly after 4 a.m.
and now we are celebrating that time that happened
6 years ago.
i can hardly believe it.


you are a gem.
patient. kind. soft spoken.
you like to color and write.
be crafty, with beads, paper, glue...anything.
play house and babies.
you love to do your own hair and pick out your own clothes.
you love "play" earrings and wonder when you can get your ears pierced.
we love you.



Jane said...

Oh my six!!? I remember bringing chicken chili for you guys after Matt broke his back and Kaden playing the harmonica! And I remember standing in my kitchen with brad and Laura getting ready for a new year's party and getting your call! Happy sixth birthday to Kaycee!

Nik@nite said...

I remember thinking your husband was nuts talking bout a movie the very second I heard your voice on the phone that night! AND following Matt driving 90 mph on the way to the birth center! :) Oh what a night!

Precious girl- I love ya Kaycee! Happy Birthday sweet one!

Kendra said...

Happy 6th Birthday Kaycee! What a story!