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Saturday, December 11, 2010

fun read.

so...i guess i have been so overwhelmed with life, [well...and being tired, and trying to sneek in naps when no one is looking...] that i realized that i haven't picked up a book to read in months. i don't like that. my husband...well...let's just say he doesn't have much time for "my" reading, but i get inspired when i read, so...i picked this one off my shelf of books, recommended, but not read just yet...

it's called, Your Boy ~raising a Godly son in an ungodly world~
by Vicki Courtney

(this may have come about while snuggling in bed with kaden the other night...we somehow got discussing dating, he's 7...let me remind you...and he said, "no mom, i will only date girls that are younger than me." "oh, i said, why is that?" " just seems right."     sigh. oh my.  you all wonder why i cringe at the years we are approaching on.

~excuse me. my 2 year old just interupted my thougts. she got into the pantry. brought me a bag of chocolate chips, and the scissors. pease. pease. she says. :)~

back to the book...some excerpts:

"for me the reality of motherhood did not come during pregnancy. nor did it come with the "it's a boy!" announcement in the delivery room. the reality of motherhood came hours later when a nurse entered my room holding a freshly bathed and swaddled infant and said, "mrs. courtney, your son is ready to see you." My son. I had a son. Her words somehow made motherhood official...

later on in the chapter...

"the following day when my husband and I were preparing to leave the hospital, i almost expected the nurse to return with an annoucement that the baby would have to stay. my husband later confessed to feeling the same way. we were so young and inexperienced! didn't we have to take some kind of test or something before we could leave the hospital and be trusted with such an awesome responsibility? for  heaven's sake, i had to jump through more hoops to get a library card! the feelings of inadequacy would follow me home. did i have what it takes to be a mother? and not just a mother but a good mother? in the years that followed, the same questions would resurface from time to time, but they were overshadowed by my trust in God, the ultimate loving parent. You can do this, he would remind me in the silent places of my heart.

veteran moms would encourage and remind me along the way, "enjoy it! it goes by so fast." sure, i thought at the time, you probably never had to negotiate with a strong willed toddler and convince him that apple juice poured into a blue cup will taste the same as apple juice poured into the green cup he is demanding at the top of his lungs. what course in college could prepare me for such realities? interpersonal communication? the colored cup debate should have been a required lab. it took me having three kids to finally figure out the answer: smile, pour drink from blue cup into green cup, hand green cup gently to toddler, smile again, place blue cup in dishwasher, move on with life...

needless to say i am enjoying the book. a lot has resonated with me thus far. i will need to re-read it when kaden is a bit older, but it's good for now, to get me thinkin'.

on another note, i talked in earlier months about meeting...just us the basement of my house to discuss the book creative correction.
i have prayed about it, and really think i am to go ahead.

so...i am should all put the book on your christmas list, if you haven't done so already...(creative correction by lisa whelchel) you can get it thru amazon or christian book distributors...

read the first chapter and come ready to discuss the first chapter questions at the end of the book, while sipping on decaf ;) coffee, and munching on something yummy. or just come to soak it in. that's totally fine too.

i am preliminarily thinking i would like to meet every "other" sunday night.
maybe twice a month
starting on january 2nd at 8 p.m.

what do you think? please let me know if you want to join me.
either leave me a msg here or e-mail me


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Anonymous said...

great book missy.....vicki has one for girls too that is right one. prob one of the best reads i have encountered.