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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

feeling better.

so in the midst of ~my~ sickness
we took a quick break for a photo shoot on monday night.
(hmmm. a quick break means i actually took a shower, put on some
make-up, and cleaned up the kitchen...)
my good friend, ang, is so talented with a camera,
and always catches 'the spirit' of my kids-
their personalities always come shining thru...
the purpose: mainly for calli's 2 year and campbell's 4 year,
but we snuck a few others in there as well.

she has some posted on her blog,
so i stole this one. :)
(don't ya love friends like that? i didn't even ask...i just did it)
p.s. kaden and matt were at kaden's baseball game...

thanks ang.
for missing scott's games and loading your troops up to come down here.
i know it's not next door, and it is certainly not easy to get pics
when your girls are running around you...
you are gifted
that is  ~quite~  obvious
and i really treasure our friendship...
have so much fun at the beach, grabbing some rest and relaxation...

will be sure to post some more when i get them...


Lorena Shank said...

You and your girls look so beautiful. Missy, I wanted you to read an article that my Director showed me...

It looked pretty ridiculous(2. especially) and the first thing I thought about was you and how awesome you handle everything!
Hugs, Lorena

Megan said...

love, love, love this look so beautiful...get a big one and frame it!

Thanks again for Monday...please bring your kids over and take a date night soon! I owe you!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful family!

AND, I'm still waiting for another belly shot! :) Let's see this little girl growing!