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Friday, May 20, 2011

newest headbands.

i am *tickled* with how these new headbands turned out.  turns out my guests are going to be later than they first anticipated, so you know what that means. that means instead of a) folding the laundry in the dryer, b) cleaning the bathrooms or c) doing the bills and deskwork, that i d) worked on these new flowers and headbands...inbetween sitting calli on the potty.  what a grand morning. i even made some hairclips. i cannot *wait* to see my new little darling wearing this *cuteness*.

we will see how organized i get later in the day.
i may post some pics later.
if only ang could come back and get some cute
pictures of my kids wearing them.
you saw how that worked out yesterday.
they get all cheesy and posey when i try to take their pics.

also. i am not very creative.
i copy.
all the time.
from magazines, or nate berkus, or creative blogs.

my most favorite blog, right now, where i am getting all these ideas,
is here:

jones design company | stylish custom design

you must check it out.
click on the tutorial page, and you are set!

however, if you would rather buy things from me,
instead of make them yourself.
feel free. ha.ha.

the new headbands are $10.
they take a wee bit more time, and i anticipate fabric to be
more expensive then the felt and tights i use in my other headbands.
however, if you order right now, i only have the gray color in stock...
but you will not be disappointed.
i am wearing a hairclip right now.
so cute.

here's to folding the laundry later.
before matt gets home. ;)

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Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

okay missy i totally got hooked this afternoon trying to make some flowers. thanks for the link...i think! :)