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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

sick and tired. is nice to go to my "real" doctor
and get medicine without having to beg...
because she knew i was spent, totally tired
and ready to cry because i didn't feel good.

she said, "i know you don't come to the doctor unless you are
really, really not feeling good."
thank you very much. strep. but antibiotics to deal with a sore throat that's
been hanging on for a week,
and a sinus infection like i have ~never~ had before.
and hopefully my voice will slowly return too.
not to mention the rib or two i broke last night coughing.
i am such a last thing.
it hurts when i breathe.

keep praying for us.
matt said his throat hurts. ;(

here's to feeling better by the busy weekend we have.


jodi said...

I hear ya girl! Dakota, Karli, and I are all on antibiotics! I have the sinus infection, Karli has ear infections, and Dakota has the sore throat. It seems to hang on FOREVER, but I'll pray that your sickness goes away QUICKLY!!

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

oh man! will be praying for you today! lot of love,

Kendra said...

Glad you got some meds. Hope they kick in fast! My allergies are a mess, hoping it is sinuses on top of it. Feel better and try and rest.

Anonymous said...

Feel better!! I too am SICK! ugh, and so is Henry, fortunately Violet is getting over hers...and hopefully brad doesn't get it...again, I hope you feel better SOON and the meds are helping.