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Monday, May 30, 2011

happy memorial day

happy memorial day 2011.

sometimes i think farming really stinks.
other times it's really great.

my father-in-law reminded me that's why i can afford to have 5 kids.
we live on a big beautiful farm with lots of room for the kids to ~run~.
i do realize that is important.


 while most of the american working world gets ~today~ off
to have cook outs and relax,
my husband does not.

he has been mowing or baling hay since 8 a.m. this morning.
mostly for the community.

the kids and i get to pack up and take him drinks and meals.

he still has a smile on his face.
this is good. ;)
nothing has broken today.
and no rain. finally. good hay making days.

when you have several community farmers counting on you to bale,
there is no time for equipment to break or malfunction.
or for the rain.

this also means i need to get my billing book ready. :)

for those of you non-farmers out there (jane) ;)
this is hundreds of thousands of dollars of hay equipment.

these bales weigh between 600-700 lbs. each.
the baler spits them out,
and then in our case...
matt will gather them up on the tractor, one by one,
with a special attachment,
and come load them on a trailer,
(about 8 to a load)
the trailer, pulled by our truck,
driven by me and the kids.

that's another part i hate.
but i look like a tough farmer's wife.
sometimes that's all that matters. ;)

it provides us with a great life.
we are thankful and blessed.
but would have loved to see daddy today or tomorrow or the next day even.
it is a very busy time here.
we will not see him a lot over the next few days.

be patient, then, brothers, until the Lord's coming.
see how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop
and how patient he is for the autumn adn spring rains.
                                                 ~james 5:7~


Kendra said...

I worked all weekend too, good extra $. Today is a day to remember those who serve to give us all our freedoms. I also think we need a day to honor the farmers(and their families), because without them there is so much we would not have as well! So, thank you to Matt, Missy and the kids and all the other farmers!

Anonymous said...

I do love this post!!! Thanks :) I am still in awe about how the hay is picked up and then spit out in "shredded wheat" shapes. I remember as a kid always thinking that it looked like a field full of shredded wheat. I hope Matt stays well hydrated in these days of hard & hot work!

Dawnell said...

Farm life! Sigh.. I miss being a little girl and hopping in the van with mom on those busy busy evenings to pick up some McDonalds or Subway for dad in the fields.

Just said a quick prayer asking God to continue blessing your sweet family. Enjoy today - whatever it has in store for you and enjoy GOD. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry we added to your hubbies work load on memorial day! :-( I felt the same way that day...all work and no play! Just endless hours of hauling bales. But thankful we could finally get some hay in. We are blessed indeed, even if thats not always easy to remember!