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Thursday, May 19, 2011

overly sensitive.

okay. so i am starting to get a little bit worried here. i am normally a person who has a pretty high pain tolerance, but i am wondering if i am wimping out or what?

a couple weeks ago i was ~sure~ i had strep throat...had the worst sore throat that i can remember, well...i didn't have strep, i did have a really bad sinus infection, but that's besides the point. :)

this morning, i went to a 7 am dentist appointment because i was sure i needed another root canal (i had to have a root canal during the end of calli's pregnancy) and this felt like the same thing, all to find out there is nothing wrong with my teeth. hmmmm. he said that i grind my teeth when i sleep (which is odd that matt has never "heard" me do that), but i have ground my teeth down to some nerve endings, and so there are now 2 teeth that are driving me crazy...feels like a burning cavity, if you ask get to have sensitive teeth at 33 years old and need to start using sensodyne toothpaste. i thought that was for 60 year old people, not me. ;) the sensodyne toothpaste should take effect around the time i have a baby, what's a few months of a pain in my mouth, anyway? :) boy, i am full of good humor today, eigh? i am thinking i am this over-reactive 33 year old pregnant lady who is all the sudden going to flip out during this labor. i really think i do pretty well during my labors. i am an all natural kind of girl. no epidurals here. i like to think if my mom and grandma could do it, well...than so can i.  :)  although, i do to have my babies in the water, but that may be another whole different post. :) i am not a yeller. i do not cuss or get mean. i get quiet. focused and quiet. granted my labors are usually only 2-4 hours long, from start to finish, but what if this time i turn into someone i don't recognize? have to get myself back 'in check' here. ;)

on another note, had a headband order to fill, so my house looks like a little craft store of some sort at the moment. i just heard there will be some visitors here tomorrow, so i must get off of here and clean up a bit...

tried a new kind of flower, which I kind of like, but needs to be perfected a bit more. campbell is modeling the new headband, and then i added another flower to it, and calli's modeling the newly revised edition. :)


and the girls favorite thing to do right now is to play school. i am talking for ~hours~ a day. kaycee would like to be a teacher when she grows up, and is putting it to good use now, bossing her sisters around in learning. it is very funny. campbell is very, very tolerant, which is kind of unusual (in other areas of life), but with school, she is very into pleasing "her teacher", not to mention her backpack is ready and waiting for the first day of preschool to arrive in late September. :)

do you all know that i love potty training?
this morning i told calli to go sit on the potty, and she looked me right
in the face and told me she didn't have to go.

i kid you not. a minute and a half later, i hear this
right in front of me.
on my kitchen floor.
"sorry mommy"

off to clean . happy day. ;)


Anonymous said...

so i havent commented in a while but love following your blog....LOVE the pics of you and the girls....darling and love the cali is a little pee-pot....just because she's not mine and its always funnier that way:) so did i miss something with you starting your own little headband business? i knew you were doing it....but where do you place orders? do you have a website? i love it! did i tell ya im getting zumba certified in a few weeks.....come on and "join the party")
love you

Jeff said...

Hey girl...just a little advice from the "root canal queen"...get a second opinion...i'm not sure if i quite believe there is nothing wrong...let me know if you want to know my dentist's number.

Love, love, love the new sweet.

And....thanks for everything yesterday...i really am not comfortable talking to many people about that but u made it easy and i appreciated the timing of your call and your advice.

last but not least...i think kaycee will make a wonderful teacher and she can come help me grade papers anytime she wants... for some practice! xoxo meg

Kendra said...

love the new headbands and would like one, just let me know how much! sorry to hear about your teeth, and yes I would get a 2nd opinion too, i have a good one in Honey Brook if you want his name and number. Francesca needs to come play with Kaycee, she tries to get Owen to play school and isn't always cooperative and that does not end well!
Thanks so much for donating to me and the kids for Relay for Life, this is their 1st year with a kids team. Parker and Francesca love going and walking the track, staying up until 1 am doing the chicken dance and sleeping in a tent. this will be owen's 1st year going, not sure how he will do since he is a big momma's boy-may drive me a bit crazy that late at night :)

Ang Stoltzfus said...

ok- L O V E the headbands!!!!

& i still think that you're are a pro at delivering babies! i'm sure this time will be no different.

jyla did the exact same thing today...totally irritating. (she had 5 accidents by 2pm.)

Chelsea said...

i had to use that sensodyne stuff before and it kicked in within a few days, if that gives you any hope. and i'm not 60 so it's not just for old people ... but you could always sleep with a retainer or mouthguard (to stop the grinding) if that would make you feel younger. ;)

i am impressed with your all-natural-ness! i hope i can be like that. :) AND i am impressed with your headbands, so super cute. really i am just impressed by you in general, you are amazing missy!

Anonymous said...

you are a pro at delivering babies...and encouraging those of us who went through the "what if I can't do it again naturally" feelings and making us know that we just believe in yourself and your know that you can do it!!
And, yes, adorable headbands!!! and, yes, Violet gets all cheesy when I try to get her to smile in front of the camera too...and she wants to come play with your girls again!!!