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Thursday, May 5, 2011

geraniums anyone?

matt and i went to a new produce auction today
~operated by our friends~
to buy some geraniums to hand out on Mother's Day
at our church, Maple Grove.

i have a love, hate relationship with auctions.
today was no different.
i honestly thought i bid on a lot of 90 geraniums...
but it was only 60.
and i needed 90.


this means that i have a few extra to get rid of. :)

(as i bought the next lot i could,
which was 30 lots, and i had to get home to get kaycee
off the bus, so i couldn't wait around for another lot of 60
to come around.)


if anyone would like to buy some geraniums
to help a girl out...
~perhaps to plant for your mommas for Mother's Day~
or your own use
at $2.50 a pop...
let me know.

they really are beautiful.
Amish raised
hearty looking geraniums.

red, light pink, fushia, some varigated pink, and white.

guess i am off to plant some of my own.
pretty sure i am not going to sell 60. :)


Kim said...

Abby has piano at 4pm....we will stop in afterwards and pick some out. Thanks....I have nothing for Mother's Day for either one and had no ideas. See ya then.

Anonymous said...

if i lived, too bad.

Kendra said...

we bought 2 yesterday on the way to the PLC! kids were so cute out selling them!

Ang Stoltzfus said...

ha! that geranium sign will always remind you of this!!!
i LLLLOOOOVED seeing you today!!