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Friday, November 11, 2011

goin' on a fox hunt.

so the other morning we put in peeps, and our friend kendall, brought 2 of his 3 kids, austin- who goes to preschool with campbell, (and seriously, they are like best friends), and elise...who also seems to like campbell. :) it was such a beautiful day, so they stayed and played until around nap time...i thought they would play outside...but i think they were in the basement most of the day.  :(
oh well.

they were occupied and happy.
some days that's all that matters around here. :)

sometime after i popped out of the shower, and before lunch, my man called and told me to go check out a fox hunt that was just starting a few roads over. hmmmmmm. so, we loaded up and went. it was kind of a sight. me, i mean...with my vehicle that was making a loud sound...(scheduled to get fixed "the next day")...and these 4 kiddos, munching on their apples.

we head on over, and i hop out to see a ton of horses trotting along the woodline, and this man, well, there were people everywhere looking, but there was a man standing close to where i hopped out, so i started asking what was going on. seriously people. i know i am getting much more like my husband. there was a time in my life where i would have ~never~ conversed with a stranger eating his crackers, watching horses, but i did. i learned that the "dogs" are not dogs...they are "hounds" my terminology was completely off, and i might have offended him. ooops.

tried to explain it to the kids a bit...but once the hounds took off, then the horses took off, and jumping in and out of the truck, 3 more times, trying to get a glimpse of excitement on 3 different roads, we headed home...and i was only able to get one picture.

(this was only some of the horses...and the hounds were in front of the man with the red jacket...i forget the technical name for him? oops. but he was the leader of 'the hunt'.)

fun. but maybe i will wait until the kids don't need help getting in and out so much, til i go next time. what a learning experience though, and neat thing to was hilarious, watching these older folks hop in their cars, and head on over to another road, hop out with their binoculars, listening for the hounds, hopping back in their cars, heading to another road...wild. :)

and my 8 year old son ate 6 packets of oatmeal for breakfast this morning.
is that even allowed?

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Angie Myer said...

I love that picture! I didn't even know fox hunts went on anymore :) What a neat thing to see. I hope you're all doing well!