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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pumpkin Olympics.

i guess it's fair to say that we live in the country,
here in atglen, pennsylvania.
and it helps to have creative people (jeff and rhonda)
around to give us country folk some good 'ol
fashioned unique ways of having a good time.

sunday was the pumpkin olympics at one of the 
 neighboring pumpkin farms.

this is the first year that i have actually made it there.
 i usually stay home with a napping child or children,
but this year, we just skipped naps. :)
well. besides karolina. i mean.
she slept the whole time in the front carrier i was wearing.

a highlight at our neighborhood parties,
is always the barrel train. matt drove the train most of the
day. it just never gets old for the kids...even the older kids...

you can't see this real well. but on the above left side of the pic,
is a giant sling shot...slinging potatoes into the field. and the right
is the 'pumpkin chunkin' machine. 4 people actually sit on a high swing,
and the momentum and weight of the people,
swinging down on the swing, sling a pumpkin
f.a.r. into the field, and you watch as it smashes to pieces...
(none of my family took part in this...)

pumpkin basketball...seriously there is every kind of game you can imagine.
just with pumpkins encorporated.

kaycee on lower right,
our neighbor, and friend, courtney, front and center,
and campbell left...

kaycee and courtney putting together a large wooden
pumpkin puzzle...

a piece of sunshine for this rainy day.
4 year old campbell...

a group shot watching the pumpkins roll down the big hill.
with some friends...

a glimpse of truckloads of extra pumpkins from the season,
being "let go" down the hill. they smash into pieces,
and then the cows get to eat them.
very much sounded like a stampede...

and well.
i had to throw this in for good measure,
since she slept the whole time.
 karolina grace at 3 1/2  months old...


Anonymous said...

that is awesome miss! love the pumpkin face pic and of course, sweet karolina. you HAVE to throw that in for good are an amazing mom!

Angela said...

So fun! I love seeing pictures of your cuties - especially Karolina! Brielle loves the front carrier too - a dream for shopping right now.