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Thursday, November 17, 2011

my son.

a friend asked me last night if i felt like things were "normal" now?
"yeah"...i said. "they just feel really, really busy.
like i can't ever catch up."

it's not necessarily a "bad" thing.
i am involved in a lot of good "things"...
but Bible study, yesterday, was about sacrificing some things to the Lord...
even really "good" things.
so. now i am thinking on that a bit.

all that to say.
my 8 year old son came down this morning.
and met me at the desk in the office.
i was paying bills, sifting thru the mess, and looked up.
to find him standing there.
with the same shirt on as yesterday.

i said, "honey. go change your shirt.
you can't wear the same shirt 2 days in a row."
he casually said, "it's not 2 days mom.
i've worn this shirt all week."
(may i remind you it's now thursday...)

yep. i am not overwhelmed. :)
(just clearly in denial)
life is normal.
but i did't notice my son has been wearing the same shirt to
school all week long. eeeekkkkk.
in my defense, he did say,
"the kids didn't know either. i wear a different sweatshirt overtop."

i totally *cracked up*.


on another note.
my husband has come full circle.

i sneekily took the picture.
he was not happy about it. :)

i, however, am delighted!
it really does take awhile to paint all their nails.
i was happy for the help. :)

and it shows all of you, he really does have a softer side... 



Ang Stoltzfus said...

such a great post!
kaden...o my. how hilarious! :)
& matt...i've always been able to see glimpses of that softer side. it is so completely sweet...i'm glad you got it on camera so that the girls (& matt) can look back on these sweet days in their life!

Mark and Heather Buckwalter said...

loved this post! :)
so funny moses has already done that same thing and worn different sweatshirts over top the same shirt or not realizing till he is getting on the bus that there is grass stains all over his jeans because he wore the same ones the last two days! oh motherhood.
love ya, Heather

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! I love this! All of it! Glad to hear that life is back to "normal" :) Hoping to get to see you guys sometime over the holidays :)

Dawnell said...

Hey, what's wrong with wearing that t-shirt all week?? :p

And daddy paintin' nails... what a sweet picture that will always be.

I love your whole family, even beautiful little Karolina who I've yet to meet!

Megan said...

I love, love, love it. Any Daddy who paints nails is a great Daddy in my book!!

Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

oh this made me laugh! i love that picture of matt painting nails!

brittany said...

this just may be my favorite post yet!!! definitely made me laugh. and that picture of matt?? i'm gonna HAVE to show this to Eric this weekend! :)