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Friday, November 18, 2011

a visit to pappy and grandma's.

so 2 weeks ago i made it a priority to visit my grandparents.
i did visit my mom's mom.
and never got to my dad's parents.
until today.

these are the grandparents that i grew up knowing well.
we lived closest to them.

and now.

it is such a blessing to live so close to
each of our parents.
the bond that children and grandparents have is so
fun to watch transpire...
and well. the ~free~ built in babysitting is a blessing too. :)

but i watch my children making memories with
their grandparents, just as i did with mine.

it's kind of bittersweet as i watch my grandparents age.
and think ahead.

 (this picture is classic of how i would have acted when i was campbell's age...shy.shy.shy.)

 (there is plenty of loving baby genetics that i inherited from both sides of my family...) :)

(my grandmother can hardly see anymore, but it was precious to see her with karolina...)

(and calli wasn't so sure about pappy either...until we broke out toys, and klondike bars...) :)

we had a busy day. we then
 visited my mom at her work...the new holland re-uzit shop,
(where i found some great toys to put away for chrismas and birthdays.)
then we got some teacher gifts (in the way of food)
and some soft pretzels.
and then found our way home.

i am beat. and now it's craft time.
i try not to do craft time too often. :)

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Megan said... Karolina even wore Grandma's favorite color headband! Too. stinkin. cute!