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Thursday, November 3, 2011

niagra falls.

so we went to the king cabin this past weekend.
missed all the snow here.
for no snow there.
was kind of a bummer...
oh well. ya can't win em all, can ya?

matt's mom always asks me what the highlight of my trip was.
this time, it was seeing a bear.
in my 11 years at the king cabin, i have never seen one.

this time one big bear ran out in front of us,
in the middle of the night,
on the way to the cabin...

the kids were all sleeping, which was a small bummer,
but not really. :)

he sure didn't move very fast...

i had just got done telling matt he was driving too fast.
we were seeing deer everywhere,
and i was sure he was going to hit one.
he said, "if i hit one, i want to hit it right."
sounds like my man, right? :)

and then we see a bear right in front of us.

arrived at 1 a.m. sat. morning.
and then it rained/wet snowed all day sat.
nothing stayed on the ground, so it was a
coloring/polly pocket/play dough kind of day.

sunday we took the 3 hour car ride to niagra falls.
and 3 hours back to the cabin too... :)
did stay on the american side because we had no passports, etc.
which was totally fine with me.

that helped the kids with missing the snow.
at least they got to see a big waterfall. :)

we had a great time just being a family of 7.
eeekkkk. doesn't that sound crazy...
here's some pictures of our time at the falls.

calli is not looking real happy in any of these pictures.
she had a good day.
just pulling some three year old attitude i guess?
we had these people we didn't know keep coming up to us,
asking if we wanted them to take our pictures...

so they were always trying to get her to smile.
i guess she didn't like that. :)

so that was pretty fun.
we then left around 10 a.m. on monday morning, to come home...
(i am usually NOT a proponent of missing school,
but the kids had a half day on monday...)
and on our way home we ran into the weigh station for those
who had shot elk...

it was amazing.
these animals are monsterous HUGE...
for real.
if you are faint of heart please don't look at the pictures to follow.
there is blood...
and large dead animals.
enough said.


do you see that huge crane?
this elk weighed in at 574 lbs.
and that is gutted...before they weighed all his "insides"...
guessing an elk might weigh between 900-1000 lbs.
holy moley...

now on with today.
my little angel of a girl, karolina, has decided to get up 4x
for the past 2 nights.
trying to chalk it up to a growth spurt?
not sure what's up.
but. i am over it. already. :)
thankful for a baby who has  ~almost~ slept thru the night
since the day she was born.

party on at my house today.
as some of our cousins are here to play.
and do their school work. :)
karolina and my niece rae, are sleeping now,
so i can finish my post, and pay my bills, and fold some laundry.
all before i tackle the showers,
which are DISCUSTING,
and  red up before small group arrives tonight.
makes a girl tired, ya know? :)

have a *great* thursday.
kids have off school tomorrow.
don't know what we might do...
something fun? :)

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Anonymous said...

You mean you came to Niagara Falls, and didn't come into Canada?!?! The Falls are much nicer on the other side, by the way! :) You will have to get your passports sometime so you guys can come visit us in Ontario. We would love to have you! And I am sure that our sons would lock themselves in a bedroom with some lego to stay away from all the girls. :) But, on the bright side, we also have lots of Polly Pockets, ponies, Barbies, etc, for all the girls to play with! Hope you are doing well, and seriously, if you are ever thinking of coming to Ontario, let us know!
Sharlene Huizinga